Loreal star collection (pure reds)

can we take a moment for these reds ! Loreal paris have done a brilliant job on creating such beautiful collection this time around.. I grabbed myself 4 alluring shades as mention above Sonam’s Pure garnet Blake’s pure Scarleto,Aishwarya’s pure brick and Freida’s pure rouge all these reds has its know greatness all of them seem to be similar but its very different once its on your lip..each lipstick cost about Rs 995 INR ,i think with the quality of the product the price is fair nd good it is a matt finish lipstick which has super pigmentation ,easily glides ,super hydrating as some of the matt lipstick leaves your lips dry and flaky ..the shades are are intense and they do the right job when you want to don a bright lip either on a night out or a date night..personally i love wearing reds when i have minimal eye make up just to give me extra boost of confidence and boldness..also they provide perfect pout ,they surely make a statement ..as the name suggest star collection all these shades are costume made and the best part it goes with various skin tone ..my personal fav would be blake and sonar’s as blake’s one remind me of Mac lady danger and it fits my skin tone and sonam’s one cause of its bold plum shade ..i don’t know it just made me happy wearing it .. and also there are more shades on this star red collection but i needed up buying only these 4 as it got hold of my eyes …. girls if you love something bold and different go for these color and turn heads at the party or where ever you go..cause you worth it …love yourself and shine bright….

hello everyone!!
1.Sonam kapoor and Blake
2.Aishwarya and Freida



Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗

One thought on “Loreal star collection (pure reds)”

  1. inin loovveee with the Pure Reds collection…
    Simply a Show Stopper on any occasion..
    Head Turner beyond doubts 😍😍😍


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