Let us all take a moment and praise FDCI for giving us AMAZON INDIA FASHION WEEK 2015 ,for those who don’t know about it..its a an accessible and transparent fashion week happening in india from the 25th of march till the 29th of march 2015 ,with awesome designers showcasing the best of their talent,and as i mention accessible u can shop any of this brilliant designer clotting if u wish from  their website any ways today i am sharing with u guys my top 4 outfit pick which i just love and would wanna buy or just do a look book vid on my channel but to be honest it was so tough for me to pick out only 4 as all them were just beyond good..but u gotta do what u gotta do..soo lets begin (till 28th of march )

1) Boho Caravan by Hemant and Nandita

  •  I have some personal love with bohemian culture and style ,being summer and festive season this hits the mother load..i am so happy to see such designs in india ,these 2 outfit that i chose are just to die for ,the floral thread embroidery and the earthy colors like brown,olive and mustard ,i just love the floral loose shirt tucked in to the earthy skater skirt with borders and those high thigh socks with the block heels ,i would wear this with a little here and there, addition and subtraction of some pieces ,u can wear it to music feast ,concert or simply without the footwear by replacing with a flats and u are good secondly the Capes Omg ..the second outfit is just the right outfit to wear any where ,we all know CAPES are ”the ”thing now and with the trousers and the shirt accessorize with the neck piece is just the perfect combo ,i would love to wear this outfit for sure.
  • IMG_0545


  • We all know the awesomeness of this duo but this time ,what i loved about this particular outfit is the simplicity and class of it,i loved the idea of simple carbon grey color combined with burnt sienna the perfect neutrals <3,i would love to wear this outfit just as it is .                
  • IMG_0534


  • I just love all of the outfit she showcased but my fav one is this monochromatic outfit (ivory color ),the sweater with metallic animal print  design around the neck area is the highlight of the outfit and my most fav part is the midi skirt and the ivory  metallic sneaker which adds a lil sporty chic vibe to it ,it is a simple yet classy design that i would wear any wear ,i can feel the comfortless of the outfit and cannot wait to try it out .
  • IMG_0535
  • well i will end this blogpost right here ,thank u all for reading it please stay tuned for my next post till than maw and stay fashionable ❤ (2 outfit mention at 1 )

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