Hello every one !!! i know i have been lacking on my blog and vlog am really sorry about it,its the health issue 😦 i shall now be regular ,any ways without any further a do lets get into the subject 🙂 Guys i went to pick up my old primer that got over and i found a new one n its even bigger and better ,well if u are a primer lover like i am or if u are looking for one than we are right here ,this is one product that is multipurpose n some time certain product fail to do what it claims but his one hits the mother load .. The price is quite a lil expensive but it is worth expending a lil more for your skin ,its about Rs1200 /-  n its available at all the L’oreal outlet in India .It claims that it is a smoother,and anti-aging moisturiser that has opti blur technology and Pro-Retinol A, u must be wondering Why???? anti ageing,the answer is if u are at your 20s you should know that your skin starts to settle down after the hormonal uplift during your teenage although sebum (oil) production may still be high hence more prone to acne but once u are at your mid 20s you will spot your first sign of dryness which means u will start having first fine lines around your eyes and mouth and hence this is the time u can protect your self from early raging and keep your skin firm and this product can help do so …

1.As a primer it is silky smooth and a perfect base to your foundation ,as for me i cleanse ,tone up and apply moisturiser and than apply this ,it is matt finish as well hence soaking up the oil(prefer applying over your T Zone area ) and the best part it covers your open pores proving the best base to your make up ,all and all it blurs out pores and other imperfection 

2.Anti-Aging Moisturiser – well u can apply this itself as a moisturiser ,it keeps the skin super matt n those having oily to combination skin can go for this product ,PRO-RETINOL A helps fights signs of waging over time ,do not expect it to immediately work wonders.

 For those make up lovers should really try this thing out cause it makes your make up last longer too…

I really don’t have much negative things to say about this product cause it has become my go to product now but one thing that has kept me a lil turn off is the fragrance cause i prefer products without fragrance .

So guys let me know if u try this product out and if u love it or hate it ❤ and i will see u in my new blog till than ❤

Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗


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