In the lap of luxurious gems Feat – shower Jewels by Fiama  Di Wills MASABA GUPTA 

I am an indulgent of a relaxing shower , but what relaxes me the best ? A good shower gel ! 

 That lathers adequate , smell which  lingers on skin through out , and that one thing to not compromise ‘conditioning and moisturising ‘ which is ‘hydration’ . 

All of these above never fail to make us women be in the happiest place even after a day of long haul and uphill battle ! At least in my case I relish and take pleasure of this lethal combination ! 

TIMELESS YOUTHFULNESS ! yes we all lure for it but how we achieve it ? That all lies on how we cherish oneself and pamper oneself ! 

‘ Masaba Gupta ‘ a catalyst woman who have incite lot many woman in all field of artiste and Fiama Di Wills coalesce to give us luscious experience of bathing with shower gel rather Shower Jewel , that is infused with actual gem stone dust that for real shines and shimmer with all grace when you sprinkle all over the body ! 

It comes in 3 ranges




As Fiama says each Jewel has its own mythological as well as skin story to tell ! I got mine to share … 

I am currently obsessing with the SHIMMERING DIAMOND  , well they say Diamonds are girl’s best friend ! It is said rightly without a doubt , it always have been the most exquisite thing on earth and always have allured and capitvated us from the BCs to ACs . 

What got me crushing on it ? 

Well it filled all the criteria that I mentioned above at the start of the blog post but elaborately ….

  • Redolence that lingers through out and last long .
  • Consistency which is very gentle and soft that gildes beautifully over the skin .
  • Oh ! The lather , foam and froth that gives you joy of bubble bath and reminisce of your hastle free child hood .
  • Hydrating  and moisturising aspect that leaves your skin supple , silky , shiny and glossy through out the day without even requiring a lotion .
  • Comes with conditioning gel that retains skin proteins to give youthful glow .
  • Maintains skin pH for healthy and natural radiance . 
  • Rejuvenating that makes you feel like new and luxurious .

What makes soap rage quit ? EPIC BATTLE SOAP vs SHOWER GEL ! 

  • ‘ Messy ‘Without a proper bar soap holder in the shower, it melted away faster than I could use it. It also left a lot small bits of soap which looks ugly ! 
  • ‘ Dry and scaly ‘I could tell after the first day that even the “moisturizing” soaps were going to leave my skin dryer than I like. Shower Gel contains a lower ph level than bar soap and is therefore gentler and suitable for people with sensitive skin because it is also able to retain more than 30% of the skin’s natural moisture.
  • ‘ Cleanliness ‘Because bar soap is left exposed to moisture, it is more likely to grow small amounts of bacteria. While the risk of getting a disease from the soap is probably not very high, I wouldn’t share it with a large amount of people. 
  • ‘Slippery ‘ you certainly don’t want that repeated while you are enjoying your shower and search all over the floor and than pick it up , wash , repeat ‘NO’ . 

MASABA started out this to inspire us all women with dreams and longing to aspire ! To let us all reify youthfulness that is timeless ! 

I for sure agree that , our Iconic designer MASABA GUPTA’S Shower Jewel redefines luxury bathing and is an excellent consolidation of Avant – grade fashion and innovative skin care .

Don’t forget to watch the review visually on my YouTube Chanel by hitting the link below and show much love 💞 

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