Overcast guise  RihannaxPumaMyntra                                      

Call me Somber ! I totally concede because you call for the over cast grunge peculiar style  when you talk about Rihanna .

When talked about doing a Rihanna I buck the odds!  every one depicts the edgy , chic and polished style ! What takes the baker and the cake ?? Rihanna is the official CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF PUMA and you see she can’t go wrong with all that creative hives !  Just perfect rather the best that PUMA could ever had ! 

I did tell every one can relate to her style ! Our fashion mood calls for it at the eleventh hour , even at the sooner or later ! If you don’t confide in me you should indulge her style with no doubt , you will feel more self assured and substantial . 

When I had to create her style entering for a contest where meeting her is the throphy! I being no different , summoned the formidable me and styled my self with PUMA’S outfit by striking some note at the back of my mind about her ! But I kept the ME in ME after all being substantial is not about taking a leaf out of a book and becoming a clone ! it’s all about taking inspiration and to always hitch on to yourself and your style , but taking a notch higher ! 


With PUMA’s Shirt , Cap and socks that I bought from MYNTRA , I styled and conducted my self by wearing the Men’s shirt just as a T-shirt dress and buckling it up with a grey belt gives you a dap but you can leave it as it is for a cool comfy blasé look ! Lifting the socks up high almost till the knee gives you the animated sport swank look . 


With the Comfortable PUMA  sports bra in black and grey Color paired with the casual PUMA sports shorts also bought from MYNTRA, you can run the town without getting malaise or without any hardship ! But talking about styling, I took it up by sheer covering with a MESH TOP giving that covetable , bold and dauntless look ! To amplify THE DARK LIP !! It can never go wrong . 


Cap , Shirt and Socks – PUMA ,MYNTRA 

Sports bra , Sports Shorts and Hoodie – PUMA ,MYNTRA 


IF YOU LIKED THE LOOK I CREATED and THE BLOG , AND WOULD WANT ME TO WIN THE #MeetRihannawithPuma contest hosted by MYNTRA than please vote for me by hitting the 💞 button on the given link ! 


All you need to do is enter the link and log in through face book and just like ! Also if you did really want me to win and meet RIHANNA PLEASE SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD 💞

Thanks popxo for giving the opportunity to enter for the contest . 

Thanks Myntra for the shopping spree n giving that kick to bring out the style n mode in me 💞

Also do participate the contest and get yourself the chance to meet her as well 💞

Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗

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