We all seek for some opulent embellishment every now and then ! I am sure most of us have our brain , mind embedded with the cultivated beauty of SWAROVSKI and when you think of some thing sheenful and modish SWAROVKSI without fail flares up for sure , atleast for me it does .

SWAROVSKI launching the FW 16/17 collection ‘CRYSTAL GALAXY ‘ truly inspired by the stellar influence, from constellations of stars to planets in orbit, from the colors of the cosmic night to shapes of sparkling icicles, by capturing  the kaleidoscope of elements  translated into fashionable pieces featuring modernity, brilliance and remarkable craftsmanship.

 The exquisite level enhances and magnifies each time and it never disgruntled . Time piece worn by a person are just not for simple timekeeping but can augment the charisma of the individual . Watch collection of  FW 16/17 collection is simply the example of the elaborate craftsmanship and asthetic appearance .

Styling the watches Daytime , Alegria and Dreamy was such an astounding affair as SWAROVSKI have always been special and peculiar brand as it made my voyage of blogging much polished and help me dazzle amongst all during the style your way to Paris episode last year . 

These watches can be worn solo but stacking it up furbish and gives an array that up lifts your entire outlook . 

All Jewellery courtesy – SWAROVSKI 


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