Every one of us for once have this thought “Why spend on Lingerie ? “When no one sees it ? 

Every one of us have had tons of worn to death or worn out inner wear which your body do not deserve but you still embrace then cause they are so convenient. 

              ”    TRASH THEM AWAY ”

Not only it is rebarbative but we deserve better 

Just recently i went DE NOVO and I indulged on some exquisite lingerie from Amante  and I feel the very best of myself here is why ? 

Have you ever wondered why and how the Parisian and the French women are always on point and alluring ??? 

It is because they know they are ravishing not only outside but the underneath too . 

They believe in feeling good and prepossessing for themselves but not for men , well if the men witness it call him “lucky” .

This pair of amanté Aura set from the A/W 2016 collection entrust you the best of feeling confident and gorgeousness in and out even though no one sees it ! 

Lace being my choice of fabric , as it gives feminine touch and elegancy , I feel ME when I don them which is very important .

The collection is to die for as all of us will relate to it , as it provides you Fahsion forward elements with all sorts and sets of Color palletes and fabrics to spoil you with choices ! 

Check out and explore the goodness and #celebrateyourinnergodess

Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗

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