Grandeur Bridal Collection X Zivame 

Every bride should feel gorgeous and beautiful on her wedding day right from the start whether popping that first bottle of champagne to hitting the dance floor , but here it is you don’t have be the bride to don and feel the luxuries.

As bridal shower and wedding invites begin to flood your mail we are ought to shop the best of best but let’s not forget the essentials inner wear when we hoard the mall and websites while shopping .

Many of us find it a big task figuring the perfect wedding lingerie, thus leaving to a very rushed decision so,here we have something at the rescue right before the final dress fittings, trust me your bridal underwears and bras are your unsung heroes 

Now let us all set to be the most confident bride,bridesmaids and guests. 

Zivame as we are aware one of India’s leading women’s lingerie and E-commerce brand , brings us the right kind of lingerie from their latest mesmerising bridal collection enhanced with rich fabrics such as lace , mesh and stains  accompanied with versatile and lux shades of pinks to turquoise and whites just how it looks at the images , but this collection offers both individual lingerie and sets with soft cut and sew foam paddings providing the comfort we all long for ,versatility includes low back to wear under deep neck line outfits .

They have made it beautiful yet functional keeping in mind it’s wear ability post bridal occasion.

Stay ahead of the trend and lose yourself in the indulgent birdal collection by Zivame right at your doorstep .


Author: sheervanitysonia

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