What trends do you spy this year aka  2017 ? 

SEQUINS a major comeback be on a look out ! 

Remember two-three years back, when  crystals, sequins and other “glitter” were strongly callled faux glamour, cheap style and weird desire to attract attention at whatever cost. 
What’s changing today ? 

Today  designers are flipping  pages of fashion history and restoring trends that were the THING in the past decades.

In the case of sequins and all things  glitter, it was stylists big prohibition and was told you want to look like a Christmas tree or a disco ball – then go for sequins. 

But like I mentioned things are turning back and to me it is so appealing and I am so ready to experience and flip those pages back and back ! WAIT PRIYANKA CHOPRA TOO nailed it at the Golden Globes ! 

Let’s do a Fashion resurrection and let’s do the sequin trend. Long and short, cocktail, party dresses and evening gowns hit the parties and runways and we all assume sequin dresses  are always welcomed as party attire and most are gold black or silver ones .

 But we can stop the stereotype as tons of them are monochrome, and there is a great number of outfits with multicolored prints and patterns.

We can rock the sequins in almost all occasions  provided we style and subtle the outfit the right way ,we have to remember though that sequins are a (big) statement. it’s very imperative we keep the rest of our look very minimal and neutral. We could totally go minimal on make up ! 

This way we avoid from going over the top during daytime, we can balance the sparkles with casual trousers, denim,  flats and a nonchalant bag. This YEAR we will be lighting up any day as we will twinkle and shine on every corner of the fashion street ! 

Balenciaga, Valentino, Gucci and Dior showed it on the catwalk earlier this year and I’m very happy to present this trend in association with

Details down 

I hit the jackpot to experience the sequin pizzazz at 

It’s a clothing rental website with tons and tons of excellent brands and they know what’s the hottest trends are  and they do not fail to update every season ! You need worry thinking about the cleanliness as All FLONT outfits undergo a rigourous fabric care and quality control process . 
Hope ya all enjoyed the blog and don’t forget to Flont ! ❤️

Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗

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