I don’t have the magic sweater but I have my “the feel-better sweater ” 

When I bad break , when I just give up on everything possible and just stop doing anything.

 I call it a time of distress and I reach out  for tons of warmth , endearment,magnanimity and all things possibly good. 

Nothing beats  a Mom’s knitted sweater enclosed with just warmth , love and comfort that’s why I say “the feel-better ” and it gets better when it is  the “á la mode ” and up to the minute .

Thank you mommy dear for making me this beautiful off-shoulder sweater in my favourite Color just at the right moment , I just so needed it to get up and start everything fresh and actuate ❤️

Image Courtesy- Lekha Rathnam 

Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗

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