Rock and roll wardrobes are known to be sexy , free , fierce , unexpected and cool  ! 
What should a rock chic style constitute of ? We come across with the thought of messy hair , don’t -give -a damn attitude, biker jacket , boots , leather pants , and tons of spike and studs ,right ? 
A rocker chic look could be completely fierce as well as chic with a great styling and the right kind of attitude ! 
I love to amalgamate my style and the rock vibe for a perfect blend , it’s just about styling to a level that suits you and your persona. remember #WEARYOU. I feel if you follow this,your style will sell for itself.


You don’t need to do over the top styling to achieve this style believe me. It’s about choosing the right accessories , I personally love to add chic staples with some edgy pieces such as the Crystaldust Wide Bangle , Goddess Necklace, Vittore rings , Playful lady watch , Glance Bangle ,Gallery Square Layered Necklace , Lovely Crystal Mini watch which made my styling the look much easy.

I have cumulated three different looks adorning SWAROVSKI’S exquisite jewellery just to BREAKDOWN the Rock glam fashion’s Do’s and Don’ts in my way . The versatility of SWAROVSKI pieces makes it very much trouble-free and soft sailing for me to put-together the rock chic look, from delicate charm that is subtle to glamour statement pieces making me red carpet ready. I have my personal love for the leather watches,the wrap on bracelets, all time love stardust collection and more… so here are some… 

to crack the nutshells 


Go easy and basic – silver pair of studs 
Stacking up the wrist –  Swarovski’s leather watch , leather bracelet and a good spike and stud bangle fits the vibes, on point .  

Layering neck chain – the graduated effect from soft lighter ones with chunkier and longer ones ( crystal + small charm )  adds a feminine touch to the rugged look.
And few finger rings ,a white basic teamed with denim adds glam to the fringes , brown leather jacket and the studed heels  to add the right amount of outré with modern yet preppy classic rock way !

Who says big statement pieces and polish pastels flowy fabrications are incompatible to edginess ? 
Edge for me is about bringing unusual and unconventional pieces together in a conventional way ! This SWAROVSKI Crystal  statement “Goddess Necklace” is beautiful asset itself, combined with classy Swarovski earrings , a shirt with leather brim giving the necklace the right amount of attention. With addition to the sheer flowy skirt paired with velvet boots , we hit the” rough around the edge ” look . 

Let’s go for a spiffylicious look for the last look : a Band Tee / Concert Tee is a bonus point! 
Why not a leather skater skirt rather then leather pants ? And juxtaposition the right way with a big nude waist belt making it more my thing black conventional boots to complete the look.
The choker from SWAROVSKI with a hint of bling and dash got its grounding integrity paired with a small neck chain , the Crystaldust bangle double stacked with a leather watch creates a trendy look. Stack-in-Style is the season’s styling trend. 

Some relative DO’s

  • Go with the aesthetic fresh face with minimal make up. If you want a dramatic way blend it all the way ! 
  • Stack up your accessories.
  • Concert Tees and over-sized Tees.
  • Leather wrap bracelets.
  • Add retro element 
  • Most important stick to your persona , express yourself.Be daring if that floats your boat and have fun.


  • Say no to Neons.
  • Don’t over-do with accessories just. Add the right amount.
  • Bid Goodbye to caked-on gothic makeup and costumes.
  • Don’t dress up too much.
  • Don’t try excessively hard.
  • Be wise with choices.

Hope this blogpost was helpful and we are all set to 🎸

    Jewellery Courtesy- SWAROVSKI 

    Look 1 :

    •  Playful Lady Watch 
    • Gallery Square Layered Necklace
    •  Kalix Wrap Soft Bracelet
    • Glance Bangle 
    • Gangster Ring Set 
    • Good Pierced Earings 

    Look 2 :

    • Goddess Necklace 
    • Ground Earings  

    Look 3 :

    • Playful Lady Watch 
    • Garance Choker 
    • Crystaldust Wide Bangle
    • Goddess Ring 
    • Ground Necklace 


    Image courtesy- LEKHA RATHNAM 

    Author: sheervanitysonia

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