COLOUR SPELL x Summation

One of the intervening gap season “SPRING” is officially on , but when defined within this manner it can vary its start dates in different regions . As to where I reside  I feel the equinox is moving lot more ahead and drifted than usual because the temperature is way to high and I almost feel the vibe of “INDIAN SUMMER” as they say !

Rarest form of me would be wearing CHROMATICS ,but if that gives you “mirrorlike”  colossal appearance and kicks up your style rage tall than it calls for at least one time trial right ?

Hence , I did settle on to endeavour one look and I hand picked the shade between red and yellow which is much associated with warmth and fire ! They say it is the colour of Season
“FALL” which I don’t disagree but I took challenge to colour it Spring / Summer by gradient combination from BRIGHT VIBRANT PURE ORANGE to TITIAN ORANGE and AMBER .

The wide legs from SUMMATION didn’t only gave me feel of what I wanted to create or achieve but gave me the actual vibe of it as it gave way to breeze and made me feel ease on the very Indian Summer Day , here I am talking about comfort in terms of fabric and the cut , fit of the wide leg  pants . The ballon sleeve top is my very old one I still remember how  Momma dear got for me when I was in 8th grade before I left for hostel ! “OLD IS GOLD” old saying but so appropriate . Clinched  the look with my best-loved waist belt and my prized wooden danling earring  !







Author: sheervanitysonia

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