DOSE OF BLUSH Feat Tfnclondon

Frills , sexy back , slit , long dress , maxi , rosé and all that drama typically not very me ! Well today I am exhibiting a bit of unexpected love affair as I got out of my REALM to experiment what I have not done so far .

“I am always your typical all grey , black , basic and don’t bother me kind” and my most intriguing part while creating this look was to keep that attitude intact alongside the drama , as they say anything is possible with right amount of balance and I must concede of loving to create  the  balance !

Who knew the Oscar de la Renta Maxi dress for Elizabeth Arden would still be gracing the ankles of all fashionable people all around the world up to date ? The epidemic that was spread during the 70s is still very much on air uphill 2017 .

Talking of the hue “blush” it has been a long part of statement making fashion with its ubiquitous influence I had no choice but to adore .

This very dress from TFNCLONDON  will remain my absolute love to have start this affair which is unusual and unexpected . I kept the monotony intact by pairing the dress with lighter blush colour pair of  heels and a Burgundy handbag just a hint of the upcoming falls season 😉

I gave my best shot on something new yet with #WEARME






IMAGE COURTESY – Lekha Rathnam

DRESS – Tfnclondon

                                                                      SHOE –  Asos


Author: sheervanitysonia

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