I am a girl who loves a good ‘leg breathing room’. As much as we know skinny jeans have had a grip on our wardrobe we are also always drawn towards looser silhouette!

“Correct me if I am wrong”

Well, my mail box once received a bag full of fashion goodies from and post unboxing I begin to imagine “how to style each one of them”?  This is the 2nd outfit that I styled, first one on my previous blog!

This very versatile off shoulder piece which is super comfortable and lightweight, subtle amount of skin show without having that over the top feels! While following the off-shoulder trend, of which I have never been a huge fan, am not forgetting my personal style #wearme,  This for sure will make my once boring pants instantly playful

They say if you are under 5’4 you should avoid wide leg pants whatsoever as you might sink into it, TBH I am below the criteria and I have never been swallowed by them rather I stood high, provided I keep few points in minds such as print and patterns, I feel it extremely falters one’s body shape, personally I feel taller and leaner each time I wear  any sort of wide leg! besides everything else, I don’t have to worry about squeezing into them or about consuming an endless amount of food. WIN-WIN situation right?

This striped wide leg was picked up from a street shop just at Rs 250 INR amazing right ?

I felt extremely on the go and ease while wearing this outfit, a bit casual and playful, it took about a min or so to put them together and adorn it with a pair of ballerinas and earrings.




FullSizeRender 20



FullSizeRender 19


IMG_7532IMG_7531 2

Stay tuned for the next post 🙂


PANTS – Street

Image courtesy – LEKHA RATHNAM


Author: sheervanitysonia

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