As much as we all love shopping here is the real and worst part of living -” having to have a limit on how much you spend “

                   I am sharing how I stay exuberant even in times I am on my tightest budget!

Living by myself since 5th grade taught me several things in life and this very part of “thrifting/street shopping” during that time of deep burrow in the pocket for self-sanity has always been my thing.

 This is for those in colleges and schools that can barely afford a Starbuck’s drink, much less a GUCCI purse. Now that most fashion blogs have to do luxury brands and designer’s accessories, but I believe that fashion is fashion, style is style. Regardless of the brand and the price tag.

Let you spend Rs 100 or Rs 50000, fashion belongs to all of us.


            “Buying and donning just luxury items won’t make you a fashion person but just making simple things look luxurious is more of what makes you a fashion person #WEARME

While it’s obvious that anyone with a good credit can look fashionable, let’s give some reason #why you don’t need money to be fashionable?

Find your fashion

What is your style? Just #doyou

Review your existing wardrobe

Now that you know how you want your wardrobe to look like, start finding what fits your vision and what does not.

GO out and Shop

Get ready to be tried, stroll the streets like never before, you will never know the importance of “Thrift shopping/street shopping unless you TRY.


I clearly hate those who flock after trends,  it’s totally fine to take inspiration from each season’s trends but let’s not follow and copy everything after all if you are a fashion person you are ought to create original fashion.  Believe me when I say ” Find beauty in everything ” Your ability to create an amazing put together look even with an underrated outfit is what makes you more of a fashionable person.  

Take your BFF  

 Give her/his your Cash, if you are like me and you spend without a thought, “she will hold you accountable”

Your True Worth 

Lastly – Know your value, wear what makes you happy, make sure your inner soul and the person underneath all that beautiful clothes is also beautiful inside!


Well, guys believe me or not my SKIRT, SHIRT, and SHADES cost only Rs 400 INR combined. Picked up from a random shop while I was walking across the street in KORAMANGALA BANGALORE INDIA. If you guys to have best finds like this let me know so that we all can look amazing together!

I love the simplicity of this shirt, the color has to be my favorite besides everything I love the balloon sleeves which just easily lifts up an ordinary shirt right? Just making it a bit sexier with that shoulder drop 😉

 OH, MY GOD! Talk about the skirt, and I won’t stop cause it is my price possession without a doubt! The fish cut makes you look even finer and taller which I need a bit, and the patches of corduroy and denim make it look so high fashion without having to spend a ton!

Have to mention about this Rs 150 worth glasses, gosh the tint just compliments so well with my outfit right? The shape also frames my face so well! Also, it reminds me of my Dad’s old collection and he almost took it from me but hey I didn’t! He probably figured how obsessed I was!

IMG_7584 2

IMG_7838 2

IMG_7886 2

 IMG_7773 2

IMG_7890 2


SHOE – f21

Image Courtesy – LEKHA RATHNAM


SHADES – Street

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