Better Yourself


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“KEEPING UP WITH YOUR BETTER SELF IS NOT AN EASY TASK,”  said a wise man but a worthwhile task.

One often Question asked to me is “How I keep my sanity intact”? As this field offers a lot of competition and there are times you just feel like you are lacking and loosing!

But here’s what I truly and deeply believe in

– Don’t let insecurity consume your best self and be ready for the best and worst at all times.

– Work on yourself, try improving your content each time you put up something, don’t cry about who is doing what campaign because you know what? If you put up good work no one can stop you.

– Please remember Blogging, Instagram anything to do with content creation is a form of art and not merely to become a famous and popular personality because that comes along eventually.

– I believe in the field of art, talent will erupt from each corner and instead of putting down the new talents lets all lift each other up, I am so ready for a new girl on the blog and instead of hating her on her growth I did love to know her learn so much from her instead. ( No room for negative energy ) period! I personally had to face so much negative energy but I let them fly!

– Don’t change yourself but improve yourself, when I practice this I learned it presents new opportunities, uplifts my self-esteem to high levels and helps me become a better version of myself.

– Be a good listener and a lifelong learner, say stop to your inner critic.

– Stop falling into comparison trap, comparing yourself to others life and doing is a very destructive habit because you can never win. There is someone who has more and has something better. Instead look at the positive side and see how far you have come. (Spend more time with supportive people rather with destructive people)

– Last, remember why you are doing it? Be your own best friend and be kind towards people.

I write mostly on fashion but so many queries made me want to scribble down all my thoughts and practice hope it helps.




Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

My favorite outfits from

Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam



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