New Year but No New Me

With the title, I might have already disappointed many of you guys but honestly, as much as I love to celebrate New Year’s Eve and I love the idea of a fresh start of new seasons, I also hate the fact that the world turns its attention toward the idea of New Year’s resolution. I to have suckered on to this idea but I have set my self-free from all the boundaries, I finally have understood that “New Year New You” is nothing but a fancy way to remind people that they aren’t good enough.

I believe that it is just the calendar and the seasons that change and we shouldn’t let the folklore dictate that “I should change only this NEW YEAR” instead of it let us set goals every step in our life and let try to be that “better person” you decide to become from 1st of January every single day, why to confine to that particular date ?  The answer to this is “EXCUSES”.

Besides everything else, I have had an amazing 2017 starting from work opportunities,  meeting some amazing souls, playing around with my babies and endless amount of amazing moments with my loved ones and my  supporters but as they say, good things come along with bad things I also went through lows, encountered and entertained people that hardly cared about feelings, let alone mine but in human ground.

But again every single day in the life is a learning process and I have learned my lessons and I choose not to entertain anymore to these sort of scavengers that portrays a different personality superficially, provided I am still going to be nice and
I will be just replying with love and that is how I deal with things now. ( well definitely not pleasing them in any form )

My point on NEW YEAR BUT NO NEW ME is that of being Ok if you don’t want to change and you choose to be happy with who you are and how you are going  because it is slightly easy to fill things we should be better at and let your head spin on what you still haven’t achieved while on the thought of creating resolutions so why pile and exhaust yourself with a certain aspect of life.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals, to feel motivated but we can choose to have a fresh start any time we want without chiming and that is my whole point. Let’s leave room for more important things such as the days of just joy, the moments I am proud of myself, the people that bring a smile to my face and just think about my fur babies.

Well instead of ending 2017 with the thought of what I should change, I choose to embrace all the good things that occurred and also choose to embrace what is to come.

And this is how I choose to start 2018 as well.










Turtle Neck – Zara

Bell Bottoms – Koovs

Kitten Mule – Zara

Fanny –  Thrifted

Image – Lekha Rathnam

PS: All the images are unedited except the featured image.


Author: sheervanitysonia

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2 thoughts on “New Year but No New Me”

  1. Love the pics, outfit and you gorgeous. I agree the whole new me type thing I’m not into, yes improving yourself, but changing yourself completely nah. Like you said just appreciate the here and now, the pressure of lists deadlines for yourself, sometimes just let it come naturally, things will happen. I’ve babbled enough. Anyway (pre) Happy New Year to you 🙂 xx


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