Hello, 2018! My first post of this year got to be a personal one and something I always wanted to express my heart out.

Well, most people know that I constantly work on #selflove and I try to embrace my best version, its a process of finding my true self every single day but most importantly sticking by my #trueself.

“Find Myself”  this particular phase apparently gets over 5 million searches month in google and this totally signifies how disconnected people are from true self but the good part of it that of people wanting to find their true self.

In my case every single day I am learning and finding myself and my goal is to just stick my true root self! Even if I feel somewhat in touch with my true nature, the barrage of truly crafted ads, paired with the pressure of external influence makes it difficult at times to have core connection.

Reminder to myself –

1. Self-honesty implies to internal harmony when I lay on my bed before sleeping I ask myself several questions and I get a good night sleep only on those days I am answerable to myself and the day I am not able to I might have done something that is definitely not me.

2.Personal value, identifying own value is very mandatory and once you win this you will stop compromising with your self-respect.

3. Balance and Embrace pain and pleasure, life ain’t so easy.

4. Choose your passion with love and care like your own child making sure it aligns with my true-self.

And when it comes to my blog and fashion the reminder is constant = stick to yourself and evolve within you and your style.

A lot of people like the way I perceive fashion and my style but there are also few majorities that dislike but they aren’t to blame it is again their selves and their tastes.

My Journey as a blogger and as a fashion curator tagged along with lots of ups and downs that being ME as the problem, you know why? Cause I refuse to be mainstream and I refuse to be among the sheep flocks, which led to gradual growth in my reach but I don’t at all complain, my art of work should be just loved by the ones that can actually relate to it.

I have worked with handful amount of brands in this 2 years of blogging journey and trust me not all had the best memories, there were times I wanted to break everything I could reach to and the reason was that of them asking me to change my aesthetic and my work and do how everyone else is doing but I am never ever settling into that.

A lot of my content would come disapproved reason being the lack of connection between me and my clients but I don’t give up I make sure the connection connects but if that fails, I assured that it wasn’t for me.

My motive never the less to write this post was to tell you my loves to never settle for less or never settle for things that make you unhappy and that does not relate to your true-self, I am still learning to live by it and stick to my core connection of being my #trueself.


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Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I am wearing an outfit that speaks me and that makes me happy, I believe me wearing me and you believe in wearing you #wearyou.

Adding a bit of hue subtly with the oversized sweater paired with Corduroy wide legs from my designer dear friend ZAMANI and a belt bag with pastel tone. I feel nothing but confident and just nice about this outfit and that’s why I say wearing yourself is key to a god #ootd.

Sweater- Zara

Wide Legs – Harsha Zambani

Block Heels – Koovs

Earings – ShamooSana

Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam



Author: sheervanitysonia

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8 thoughts on “TRUE SELF​”

  1. Beautiful post and love the meaning behind your creative work! “A healthy self-love means we have no compulsion to justify to ourselves or others why we take vacations, why we sleep late, why we buy new shoes, why we spoil ourselves from time to time. We feel comfortable doing things which add quality and beauty to life.”
    – Andrew Matthews

    Rock Renee Blog

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  2. I love your style ECHE…such a real self of you…I really appreciate how you stay true and honest to yourself because that something a lot of people can’t do in today’s..I respect you..keep doing what you think is most satisfyable and which bring harmony to your soul.

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