YES YES, you guys! I have been longing to express how happy I am ever since I have got my eyebrows MICRO BLADED.

I always have had this wish to have at least some brows since I was not born with even countable numbers of it, and when I say this I am not JOKING I was literally blessed with just NO BROWS and have planned on to get them done on many occasions but was terror-stricken of those bizarre fails.

One fine day KOSMODERMA Skin and Hair Clinics here in Bangalore inquired me if I want to get it done, and of course, without a second thought, I was beyond down to get it done. The reason, of course, the clinic is very well reputed and I wanted the micro blading to be done by a Doctor only!

I met Doctor Annapurna who was super kind and soft-spoken, well I started bombarding her with an immense amount of queries as I was still a bit nervous. Let me put down few notes that I did consider to know and I think you did be keen on knowing about it-

  • How long will it take? About 2 hours or so anything under that could be a rush job, I personally have very low pain endurance so I had to take 2 sittings and split the time.
  • You can tell the Doctor the shape you anticipate and get it done like so, but personally went ahead with the natural shape of my eyebrows and Dr. Arnapurna also prefers if I may say so ( natural looking brows are always better )
  • Once you are done with the procedure your brows might look extra dark but it takes a week or so for the pigments to scale and post that the results will be lit.
  • You might want to apply antiseptic post the procedure which doctor will obviously prescribe.
  • A little bit of swelling and pain if you have low pain endurance but totally worth it.


It’s basically a semi-permanent tattooing of your brows but a permanent solution for flawless brows. Using a micro blading blade, pigments are deposited under your epidermis above your dermis. Its done in strokes that mimics your real eyebrow hairs.

STEP 1- Topical anesthesia

STEP 2- Drawing on your anticipated dream brows

STEP 3- Ink application and micro blading takes up to 2 hours

STEP 4-  Reveal of your dream brows.


A lot of people asked me if I am happy with the result the answer is loud YES, YES, I believe in self-love and I believe embracing in whatever God’s provided and I was ready to live with no brows and to just draw them whenever needed but I am so glad this happened because I can embrace myself even more with flawless looking natural brows all I need to do is slap on some moisturiser and rock my day!

It also has saved SO much time even though I use eyebrow products when needed I don’t need to use half as much, it serves as a template all I need to do is add definition just when some intense look is happening but just a matter of half a minute.

If you have negligible brows or thin brows or even looking to fill them in I definitely recommend getting it done. I recommend KOSMODERMA as they give thorough consultation with amazing Doctors and they provide very good service.


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The link below is their website you can call for inquires –

Also, they have a lot of other services which are amazing and out of all the services I tried the oxy brite facial, it exfoliates, cleanses and rejuvenate your skin.

Love Sonia xx


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