Today’s post is all about – what one should do when one cant spend much? Without without wipping out credit and debit cards

If you know me, you know I love a good coalesce of luxury, high-streets, thrifts and bargain shops fashion. Something I enjoy in fashion is to look my absoulte best while spending least amount of rupees, and I love sharing my ways and stories about the same so, I am decoding these 2 looks for you guys!

Lets start my keeping one rule in mind- #WEARYOU make sure you know what fashion /style speaks you and what you did like to don to feel you!

One thing I always make sure regardless from where I shop is to buy things that blends with my aura and perosona!

Before I came to Bangalore from my last visit at my home town, I decided to thrift hunting and thrifting to me is like an art! Once you master it = your closet will be full of joy! Also, let me warn you guys thrifting ain’t a glamorous experience unless you decode the fun and for me s no less than an art exhibition! I look for items from other fashion eras whilst I thrift as old fashion is always timeless! TURTLE NECK #GUCCI authentic just for Rs 100 what a deal right? Paired this turtle neck with a pencil skirt thrifted by my MOTHER for just Rs 80! Well. I must say I got it from my MAMA! And to augment the outfit I wore my another thrift trophy – this pair of heels was love at first sight! The heel so beautifully shaped and the stone embedded strap just elevated the look as a whole! The bag for this look is however not thrifted but it’s one of my last season’s best buy! Completed the look with a hairpin with marble detailing


This one is an online best find- We all know internet is the best place to find specific items! So, I had this one look in mind and I started surfing sites, and specifically sites with free shipping!

ANGEL PRINT CROP TEE is just for Rs 558 and I must say I didn’t blink twice while I put it to my cart! The ZIP detailed cargo is however is about Rs 1069 which is quite an expensive one but the material is really good! And for footwear I found this NB sneaker LEGITIMATE one again from the same thrift lane back home for Rs 400 I was filled with joy after this buy! Again completed this look with blie check hairpin that compilents the color of the top!

The whole look cost just about Rs 2,030 HEAD TO TOE

TOP Rs 558
CARGO – RS 1069
SNEAKER – Rs 400
HAIR PIN – Rs 46


The way we dress is how we make an impact generally on others perception to some extent but thats not the important aspect! Thr real deal lies in being happy withtin oneself, confident and above all being able to express one’s unique style and personality!

I hope this blogpost brings out the thrift Queen / King in you and hopefully it was fun for you all to read! Untill next blog post stay you and stay happy!

Creative and styling – Thiyam Sonia

Photography – Senem


Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗

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