The Best Anti-Aging Product Of 2019 that has worked for my skin !

It’s time I broke down all anti-aging myths and why it’s important to start taking care of your skin early with the best products, I have tried and tested. Read to know more…

After a long haul I am finally back to blogging and back for good!

I wanted to share something helpful and a very personal story with you guys about my skin care routine taking in to consideration anti-aging and when it starts its process of showing defined lines. But First Things First! Please, don’t assume that I don’t embrace my ageing process and that I have complete endearment towards my gradual growth of being woman with both wit and belle!

Having said that – I am a person who has always wanted to age gracefully and often it means in making adjustments towards loving and taking care of MY SKIN #selflove

Moving on, before I can explain further please understand this –  In order to nourish your skin, just a moisturiser will NEVER DROP THE TALK! You’ve got to watch what you eat and do some sort of endurance workouts (Believe me amalgamation of these 3 blends is like magic).

We all know that SKIN is the largest organ of our body besides that it covers us externally and makes us who we are hence, it is essential to give it the TLC it deserves! A lot of people think of me as crazy person when I preach about starting #antiaging from the early 20s and the vacillates I get because of society’s judgements! I never thought of their opinion as an important one and hence, I started using anti – ageing ever since I was 22 years old and cross my heart ITS WORTH IT.

The truth is ageing goes beyond skin deep…. The most important factors to anti-aging are stress, diet with lack of nutrients which leads to the formation of wrinkles, dull, dry and sagging skin!

Although some products are a dream to fight anti-aging. Featuring a few products on how to maintain your skin in this journey. However, I am going to talk about one particular product which I discovered last year that has booked a place in my heart and I thought it’s important to share this wonderful product with you guys! Also, just a heads up I am turning 28 this 16th and what better time to talk about anti-ageing right?

Image 1 : Relaxing with my tiny macaroon the FOREO LUNAGo

The FOREO LUNA Go, facial cleansing brush. 

I set store by this little compact facial cleansing brush and this portable bestie of mine goes with me wherever I go. Being a blogger, my lifestyle is very much stressful and involves several shoots a day for which I need to make sure I take care of my skin in all possible ways! The LUNAGo provides a 2 way experience with its T-Sonic Technology which is:


Image 2: LUNAGo front side deep cleansing 

ANTI-AGEING on the other side 

Image 3: LUNAGo reverse side anti-aging pulsations

The T-Sonic technology of the LUNAGo consists of transdermal sonic pulsations, its function is very versatile some of which are as follows –

  • Increases Blood Flow / Blood circulation
  • Reverse the elasticity 
  • Resurfaces dehydrated skin
  • Improves Texture and Tone of skin
  • Slows down anti-ageing process (as mentioned earlier)
  • Reduces appearances of broken capillaries – Rejuvenate and strengthen the skin from inside out ( Premature signs of ageing ) 
  • Fine lines

Image 4 : Post cleanse rejuvenation with my LUNAGo

*None of the above is achievable by manual cleansing and it does the job of an invasive procedure which is again pretty much a hassle. However, as any reviewer I don’t promise on this product working much effectively on you guys as it has worked for me as we all varies with the skin type. We need to figure what works out for oneself before merely doing what others say. It comes with 4 various skin types such as normal skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and combination skin. So you get to choose what works best on your skin and indulge in some good cleansing. 

Thanks for reading my story and share your comments, coming back soon with another skin care story!

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