Today lets establish our authority  not only amongst men but within oneself, lets not confine Power Dressing to a fashion style of business and politics . While power dressing was all about the above mentioned during the 70s , today lets enclose this on and about self-esteem and confidence cause why not ?

I personally never categorise or classify fashion and style with gender cause I firmly believe in wearing ME  referring to my style in all ways , I love some good sneak in to my brother’s and my dad’s wardrobe and that sneak in eventually turns to stealing (fun way) hence gender specification in fashion is not my scene !

Button down shirt is a one best example of androgyny , and androgyny is sexy! Typically cut without a seam at the waist ,having the loose fit ” i rely on a belt just as depicted over the images here to define my waist ” . Button fronts and a forgiving fit makes a flattering look for most body types and off course leads to upheave of ones self-confidence and self -reliance.

When I styled this cutesy button down shirt dress with over sized pocket from RHESON contrive to an off-the-shoulder just for some extra verve and brio – clinch up with a waist belt and a bright green block heel mule for a striking polarity ,I foregathered confidence and exhibited complete poise and panache   at least I think so ) . And  believed I could rule the street without any kind of funk or concern !








BELT – F21





Why DOT TO DOT ? Today i felt like conjuring the past and get a bit nostalgic , if you ask me how well lets join the DOTS !

For  many people POLKA DOTS may seem completely a juvenile trend , possibly that fear of looking like a life – size Minnie Mouse ,but I like to take challenge or many people rather did love to take challenge to make it real world wearable .

Lets filter polka through a fresh fashion lens far from its so called CLICHÉ background  let’s revive VINTAGE rockabilly !  Polka dots are inherently and automatically feminine if we recall deeply  , icons like Marilyn Monroe was famously captured in POLKA DOTS bikini and to name a few Elizabeth Taylor , Lucille Ball were some of the chief exponents. And coming from INDIA my most crisp evocation is that of Dimple Kapadia’s BOBBY because my mom would never stop talking about that infamous “bobby top” and tons of old images of my mom wearing her own stitched polkas . When scrolled through internet on this topic I came across Christian Dior’ s New Look collection of hour glass dresses where he sought  “to make women extravagantly ,romantically ,eyelash-battingly female”.

My way to make POLKA more classic yet playful is to keep my match basic like a simple basic high waisted pants with an adorn of bow tie waist . I amour this hugely printed dots with ballon sleeves which adds so much of 80s and retro Drama which I totally second for . To adjoin the drama I wore my very loved bow pastel mules , i must say I totally luxuriate this look and hope you guys take delight while scrolling through the blog .




Top – Zara

Pants – Koovs

Mules – Zara

       Bracelet – Pipa & Bella

                                                      Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam

SERENITY “the white shirt “

NOTE : Delving into minimalism and just basic !

I am a firm believer of Less Being More , I desire plain things more there is some flair in them and they make my living a breeze .

Minimalism never means being tedious and monotonous rather Minimalism is crisp , refined and arrays SERENITY . My assimilation of it is subtlety yet with a hint of sophistication meaning  “with a simple white shirt we could totally walk in a room and demand tons of attention if dared to”.

MY WHITE SHIRT EDIT : My must have , a perfect choice for this transitional time of year . This white shirt of mine with large appliqué hoops adds an interesting detailing , an obi-like sash for sure exhibit drama to my waist and and the slouchy and semi-fitted silhouette .

Paired with cascading flared – ruffle pants in deep earthy brown colour untucked ,for sure evince opposite spectrum but a definite conversation starter !

Add that Mules : A current craving and splurge. This block heel pair of mules can’t be turned down , hence a perfect compliment to my EASE and SERENITY disposition .



img_4667img_46644 copy




Image Courtesy – PRACHI SHUKLA


Shirt – ZARA


Mules -KOOVS


With Love

Thiyam Sonia


Today let’s make an investment and give commitment to own self , lets take time to make one’s self better and let us take time to self – love !

Self – love sounds really simple or for some a big task ? It can’t possibly be that hard, from my experience it had been one hell of a journey and a journey that is still on…             During this very journey I discovered self-love could come from all perspective be it accepting your all of your flaws or in my case I learnt to accept how I am more blessed with almost no eye brows ,  my very “Mongolian” eye amongst the beautiful main land Indians , my very uneven , saggy cellulite and dents and the moment I decided i am going to stop criticising myself , self doubting and finally kept my wistful thought behind I felt so free and bodacious in all way !

Saying says that “the longest relationship is with your self” and hence self- love is one damn criteria to protect it ,this very word taught me not to typically stalk what others are upto and just keep doing what i have to and I realised the results are in terms of being content and self secure !

I am seeking to commit to my own self , my own goals and my own life purpose even more , i still am learning and there are times that I am defeated and my love of dressing up ,writing blogs ,posing and all things fashion and make up related that I love comes nifty and utilitarian to boost up and triumph the self defeat !


Here I am wearing outfits from NA-KD that are so spiffing and gave me more courage to love myself ,and feel more jim-dandy ! I wore them my way to seize my style , the unique  wide and broad range of products with an engaging manner took my attention and couldn’t stop scrolling down the bars and explore the grandeur fashion choices !

IMG_4122IMG_4123 3IMG_4103IMG_4124

IMG_4126 2IMG_4092IMG_4127 2

Styled the mesh top and the panel ankle jeans casually with some hint of verve and edge, this gave me so much of robust vibe which I absolutely love !The mesh top could be styled both ways with a body suit in or a tee out like how I did , i like it both ways . The high waisted panel jeans got me back to some denim love which I was not to doting of because of my hip and dent !

IMG_4131 2IMG_4132 3IMG_4135 2IMG_4109

IMG_4112IMG_4130 2

Sinking in a lot of positive and fresh energy in a beautiful long black dress is very possible ,this one from na-kd was the perfect fit for a ME time with HIGH TEA .


IMG_3071 3IMG_4117IMG_4139


Summer calls for some peppy and jazzy ecstasy and what better than a siena orange culotte for a perfect day out !

I AM SHARING A PART OF MY SELF – LOVE JOURNEY WITH EVERY ONE ,lets keep negatives and insecurity behind and lets take challenge with own self to speak ,wear what ever makes us feel good !It is really OK to love you and be in relationship with you before doing so with others !

You could also get some discount when you shop from https://na-kd.com by using thiyam20 🙂

Image Courtesy : Lekha Rathnam

Outfit Courtesy : Na-kd.com

COLOUR SPELL x Summation

One of the intervening gap season “SPRING” is officially on , but when defined within this manner it can vary its start dates in different regions . As to where I reside  I feel the equinox is moving lot more ahead and drifted than usual because the temperature is way to high and I almost feel the vibe of “INDIAN SUMMER” as they say !

Rarest form of me would be wearing CHROMATICS ,but if that gives you “mirrorlike”  colossal appearance and kicks up your style rage tall than it calls for at least one time trial right ?

Hence , I did settle on to endeavour one look and I hand picked the shade between red and yellow which is much associated with warmth and fire ! They say it is the colour of Season
“FALL” which I don’t disagree but I took challenge to colour it Spring / Summer by gradient combination from BRIGHT VIBRANT PURE ORANGE to TITIAN ORANGE and AMBER .

The wide legs from SUMMATION didn’t only gave me feel of what I wanted to create or achieve but gave me the actual vibe of it as it gave way to breeze and made me feel ease on the very Indian Summer Day , here I am talking about comfort in terms of fabric and the cut , fit of the wide leg  pants . The ballon sleeve top is my very old one I still remember how  Momma dear got for me when I was in 8th grade before I left for hostel ! “OLD IS GOLD” old saying but so appropriate . Clinched  the look with my best-loved waist belt and my prized wooden danling earring  !








SKIRT STORY X redsisterblue

5 days to Spring still clothed in grey raiment , lets not constraint spring to luminosity rather lets take plunge and commence gradually with the color of ‘truth’ GREY which is my best-loved hue of all time .This post ain’t only about tint and tone but  more of a        ‘SKIRT STORY’ .

Flowy long panel ,less accordion skirt with plush from redsisterblue is my square one to the ‘incoming spring’.When talking about skirt we all think of Skyllar,femenine and delicate style which is not so wrong but I decided to give my look a bit more of an urban twist.

Long flown bell arm top color coordinated with the with the panel skirt slightly loose ,big and roughly tugged gives that vibe of devil-may-care attitude which is my favourite type of attitude 😉

The mint blue heeled mules with bow is the definite hint of ‘vernal season’.





Visit – http://www.redsisterblue.com


Rock and roll wardrobes are known to be sexy , free , fierce , unexpected and cool  ! 
What should a rock chic style constitute of ? We come across with the thought of messy hair , don’t -give -a damn attitude, biker jacket , boots , leather pants , and tons of spike and studs ,right ? 
A rocker chic look could be completely fierce as well as chic with a great styling and the right kind of attitude ! 
I love to amalgamate my style and the rock vibe for a perfect blend , it’s just about styling to a level that suits you and your persona. remember #WEARYOU. I feel if you follow this,your style will sell for itself.


You don’t need to do over the top styling to achieve this style believe me. It’s about choosing the right accessories , I personally love to add chic staples with some edgy pieces such as the Crystaldust Wide Bangle , Goddess Necklace, Vittore rings , Playful lady watch , Glance Bangle ,Gallery Square Layered Necklace , Lovely Crystal Mini watch which made my styling the look much easy.

I have cumulated three different looks adorning SWAROVSKI’S exquisite jewellery just to BREAKDOWN the Rock glam fashion’s Do’s and Don’ts in my way . The versatility of SWAROVSKI pieces makes it very much trouble-free and soft sailing for me to put-together the rock chic look, from delicate charm that is subtle to glamour statement pieces making me red carpet ready. I have my personal love for the leather watches,the wrap on bracelets, all time love stardust collection and more… so here are some… 

to crack the nutshells 


Go easy and basic – silver pair of studs 
Stacking up the wrist –  Swarovski’s leather watch , leather bracelet and a good spike and stud bangle fits the vibes, on point .  

Layering neck chain – the graduated effect from soft lighter ones with chunkier and longer ones ( crystal + small charm )  adds a feminine touch to the rugged look.
And few finger rings ,a white basic teamed with denim adds glam to the fringes , brown leather jacket and the studed heels  to add the right amount of outré with modern yet preppy classic rock way !

Who says big statement pieces and polish pastels flowy fabrications are incompatible to edginess ? 
Edge for me is about bringing unusual and unconventional pieces together in a conventional way ! This SWAROVSKI Crystal  statement “Goddess Necklace” is beautiful asset itself, combined with classy Swarovski earrings , a shirt with leather brim giving the necklace the right amount of attention. With addition to the sheer flowy skirt paired with velvet boots , we hit the” rough around the edge ” look . 

Let’s go for a spiffylicious look for the last look : a Band Tee / Concert Tee is a bonus point! 
Why not a leather skater skirt rather then leather pants ? And juxtaposition the right way with a big nude waist belt making it more my thing black conventional boots to complete the look.
The choker from SWAROVSKI with a hint of bling and dash got its grounding integrity paired with a small neck chain , the Crystaldust bangle double stacked with a leather watch creates a trendy look. Stack-in-Style is the season’s styling trend. 

Some relative DO’s

  • Go with the aesthetic fresh face with minimal make up. If you want a dramatic way blend it all the way ! 
  • Stack up your accessories.
  • Concert Tees and over-sized Tees.
  • Leather wrap bracelets.
  • Add retro element 
  • Most important stick to your persona , express yourself.Be daring if that floats your boat and have fun.


  • Say no to Neons.
  • Don’t over-do with accessories just. Add the right amount.
  • Bid Goodbye to caked-on gothic makeup and costumes.
  • Don’t dress up too much.
  • Don’t try excessively hard.
  • Be wise with choices.

Hope this blogpost was helpful and we are all set to 🎸

    Jewellery Courtesy- SWAROVSKI 

    Look 1 :

    •  Playful Lady Watch 
    • Gallery Square Layered Necklace
    •  Kalix Wrap Soft Bracelet
    • Glance Bangle 
    • Gangster Ring Set 
    • Good Pierced Earings 

    Look 2 :

    • Goddess Necklace 
    • Ground Earings  

    Look 3 :

    • Playful Lady Watch 
    • Garance Choker 
    • Crystaldust Wide Bangle
    • Goddess Ring 
    • Ground Necklace 


    Image courtesy- LEKHA RATHNAM 


    Every one wish to to look fly on a dime ! I atleast covet to look top notch each time I buy some thing for a song , every one will relate once with this post I vouch for this because all of us atleast for one time goes through stumping economy and significantly our fashion budget goes for an apparent trimming right ?? 

    So what most of us do ? Rather what I do when I crave for some shopping but as well have to be easy on the pocket book ? 

    No no not window shopping for sure ! Well most of us either do the above or stroll the fashion streets wait I will tell you what I do , nothing too different but I love to drop around the fashion streets and thrift stores and select things that are rare and that matches my quotient and taste . 

    Here is the trick , buy things that you feel are exquisite but as well that cost next to nothing ( did I ask for too much ) may be a little , but that’s ok because remember we are looking “for the song  buy ” and secondly style it accurate and absolute. 

    The dress I am wearing was bought from Commercial Street in Bangalore India just for Rs 100 -/ INR didn’t I say “I bought for a song”

    I styled it according to how I like it , just a black high neck underneath and a pair of boots with some silver stud just to co-ord the silver on the dress and boom 💥  I look fly  in a dime well atleast I feel that way 💯😊

    Image courtesy- Lekha Rathnam 

    And that baby made my pose better and day excellent 🐩🐶

    UNBLEACHED feat Browns 

    What comes to your mind when you think of the Color “BROWN” in terms of stunning or innovative fashion ? 

    Definitely not the quintessential hue for ones sets of outfits or the must have shades for every one, but some where long the way this very hue is a staple one for me not denying the fact that wearing all shades of browns namely the toffees , coffees ,camels , caramels , Siennas , hazels and so on.. gives me a feel of bit more luxe and unusual .

    Something about this hue seems to scream of corn haze , potter’s clay , apple ciders it just screams of earthiness and genuineness .

    Let’s not limit this Color just for fall , we could put together these shades any season provided how you style them . 

    I love it on all sorts of jackets , love a rich carmamel on woollen coats summing up I would say all texture from suede to leather gives me bliss and on ensembles courtesy of accessories like bags and boots it cannot go wrong .

    It adds the right degree of sophistication and layering 👌🏿

    Enjoy the video guys ❤️



    I don’t have the magic sweater but I have my “the feel-better sweater ” 

    When I bad break , when I just give up on everything possible and just stop doing anything.

     I call it a time of distress and I reach out  for tons of warmth , endearment,magnanimity and all things possibly good. 

    Nothing beats  a Mom’s knitted sweater enclosed with just warmth , love and comfort that’s why I say “the feel-better ” and it gets better when it is  the “á la mode ” and up to the minute .

    Thank you mommy dear for making me this beautiful off-shoulder sweater in my favourite Color just at the right moment , I just so needed it to get up and start everything fresh and actuate ❤️

    Image Courtesy- Lekha Rathnam