Spring summer outfit

Heyy guys its my 2nd blog post !! It’s about these outfit that I am wearing and as u can see from the pics its a spring summer inspired outfit… As winter fades the most colorfull season approaches and I tried creating all the outfit colorfull ! Please watch my video on YouTube to know the details of the outfit n please like n subscribe my channel love you all 😘😘

Hey all!

Bath and body works review
Bath and body works SLEEP reviewΒ 

I have always wanted to share my thoughts n views and thoughts on beauty products and other exciting things as i love love them and today i decide to kick off by reviewing this fab product from BATH AND BODY WORKS SLEEP AROMATHERAPY(lavender and vanilla) range !guys i got this set from FLIPKART it cost about Rs 4755 consisting 5 products in it which is kind of worth the moneyΒ well it has Β body wash,body lotion,body mist,massage oil and the sugar scrub,as the name suggest (relax before sleep) these product are best when you are stressed out or have a pamper night routine.To start with the body wash Β this guy is so gentle and hydrate your skin while conditioning it ,also it is very foamy that u can do an awesome bubble bath with it! since these products are aromatherapy it has essential oils which works as a stress reliever and gives such a calming effect on the body ,it is best when followed with the body lotion which also consists the same ingredients,this guy is a creamy nourishing lotion which sinks in to your skin locking the moisture in.The mist has strong and clear fragrance to it n linger for a long time n calms your skin u get so Β addicted to this smell as it makes u smell happy!!!! it also comes with the massage oil as well which u can put in when u take a running bath or just apply to your clean skin n yea this guy will make ur skin soo smooth and glow but remember lil goes a long way last but not the least the sugar scrub use while taking bath,it exfoliate your skin so well and removes all your dead skin and its best if u exfoliate your skin atleast 3 times a week ! all these products are best for those who are insomniac proper or border line,dealing with stress ,migraine,heavy workload or just to pamper your night ! use it before sleeping, your body perform so many activities throughout and it deserve to relax every once in a while and notice the wonder that it creates! and not to forget its a lil addictive as well!as it says aromatherapy it is just like a little home spa that u can do before sleeping and guys Β u can buy all these products separately which will cost about Rs 1475 each. Ok guys i will end here ,i hope i am able to help ! enjoy the luxury pamper cause you live only once and every women is worth the lux!!there is hardly any negative view on this product atlas for me! cya goodnight :* and don’t miss the next blog post