While fall is biding goodbye ,lets not take a chance of not indulging just a bit more on the fashion and beauty aspect before its over .

FullSizeRender-21A black on black will never
go wrong any season but fall is the right time to go for the grunge pairing while making it interesting and not monotonous,ripped or distress pair of black jeans just work it right.IMG_4493IMG_4490

Accessorising with some FRINGE statement (TREND ALERT)!! Black fringes bag and a pair of fringes heels can never go wrong to add anoomph to the whole outfit.FullSizeRender-24FullSizeRender-25FullSizeRender-22

Military green cardigans adds that fall vibe all together , (a must have color every fall ) also keeping it warm and cozy at the same time .  FullSizeRender-23IMG_4492One more post to come as a last one till then stay tuned and let me know how you end your fav fashion season go by !!!


Cardigans : ZARA

Crop Top : Mango

Distress Black Denim : Forever 21

Fringe Bag : ZARA

Fringe Heels : Unnamed Brand

With love ❤

Swarovski Style Your Way to Paris

Hi lovely people !!

I am overly joyed to share this wonderful and eventful journey of mine with Swarovski Style Your Way To Paris in association with POPxo,Chambor Geneva and Grazia I couldn’t have asked for more to my start of expressing my thoughts ,views and knowledge through blogs and vlogs ,this opportunity have given me immense outbreak and exposure and I shall always be thank full to all the eventfull and creative people and the team and meeting my ‘ style twin’ my  mentor blogger Ruhi Seikh   from Republic Of Chic is another jovial point,she is so warming and helpful as me being the new bee she guided me in all that i needed and we all know how chic and AI La Mode she is,i am so excited for the forthcoming finale where in we are gonna have so much fun also i look forward to meet my fellow contestant





                                                   Make Up Chambor Geneva

Style and fashion to me is always being comfortable yet stylish and that comes when u are always in your comfort zone not that I don’t like to experiment and on the other hand we {Ruhi and I}were told to swap style but the challenging plus,exciting part was to keep it chic and comfortable,on top of all that we were given bunches of equisite blings and ever alluring Swarovski pieces to accecorise rightly to the theme ,offcourse with so many appealing pieces we were spoilt with choices but never the less we did it .


                                                 The Bold And Beautiful


                                            Stalking Delta Necklace,Bangle Mania

                                            Crystalline Oval Light Rose Watch ,

                                            Distinct Narrow Bangle


                            Rose Gold Click Ring , Crystalline Oval Black Watch

I choose Hot Date Look and Ruhi went for The Biker look and fun part , we styled each other ! Sounds fun and interseting ??11823851_10206594263947616_233167118_n

Don’t miss out this fun and get yourself all out and about to get some styling tip from us and too help us win our way to Paris by clicking the link and liking our video on both face book and YouTube page of Popxo and if u love us even more then keep sharing



Hello every one !!! i know i have been lacking on my blog and vlog am really sorry about it,its the health issue 😦 i shall now be regular ,any ways without any further a do lets get into the subject 🙂 Guys i went to pick up my old primer that got over and i found a new one n its even bigger and better ,well if u are a primer lover like i am or if u are looking for one than we are right here ,this is one product that is multipurpose n some time certain product fail to do what it claims but his one hits the mother load .. The price is quite a lil expensive but it is worth expending a lil more for your skin ,its about Rs1200 /-  n its available at all the L’oreal outlet in India .It claims that it is a smoother,and anti-aging moisturiser that has opti blur technology and Pro-Retinol A, u must be wondering Why???? anti ageing,the answer is if u are at your 20s you should know that your skin starts to settle down after the hormonal uplift during your teenage although sebum (oil) production may still be high hence more prone to acne but once u are at your mid 20s you will spot your first sign of dryness which means u will start having first fine lines around your eyes and mouth and hence this is the time u can protect your self from early raging and keep your skin firm and this product can help do so …

1.As a primer it is silky smooth and a perfect base to your foundation ,as for me i cleanse ,tone up and apply moisturiser and than apply this ,it is matt finish as well hence soaking up the oil(prefer applying over your T Zone area ) and the best part it covers your open pores proving the best base to your make up ,all and all it blurs out pores and other imperfection 

2.Anti-Aging Moisturiser – well u can apply this itself as a moisturiser ,it keeps the skin super matt n those having oily to combination skin can go for this product ,PRO-RETINOL A helps fights signs of waging over time ,do not expect it to immediately work wonders.

 For those make up lovers should really try this thing out cause it makes your make up last longer too…

I really don’t have much negative things to say about this product cause it has become my go to product now but one thing that has kept me a lil turn off is the fragrance cause i prefer products without fragrance .

So guys let me know if u try this product out and if u love it or hate it ❤ and i will see u in my new blog till than ❤



   Let us all take a moment and praise FDCI for giving us AMAZON INDIA FASHION WEEK 2015 ,for those who don’t know about it..its a an accessible and transparent fashion week happening in india from the 25th of march till the 29th of march 2015 ,with awesome designers showcasing the best of their talent,and as i mention accessible u can shop any of this brilliant designer clotting if u wish from  their website http://www.amazon.in any ways today i am sharing with u guys my top 4 outfit pick which i just love and would wanna buy or just do a look book vid on my channel but to be honest it was so tough for me to pick out only 4 as all them were just beyond good..but u gotta do what u gotta do..soo lets begin (till 28th of march )

1) Boho Caravan by Hemant and Nandita

  •  I have some personal love with bohemian culture and style ,being summer and festive season this hits the mother load..i am so happy to see such designs in india ,these 2 outfit that i chose are just to die for ,the floral thread embroidery and the earthy colors like brown,olive and mustard ,i just love the floral loose shirt tucked in to the earthy skater skirt with borders and those high thigh socks with the block heels ,i would wear this with a little here and there, addition and subtraction of some pieces ,u can wear it to music feast ,concert or simply without the footwear by replacing with a flats and u are good secondly the Capes Omg ..the second outfit is just the right outfit to wear any where ,we all know CAPES are ”the ”thing now and with the trousers and the shirt accessorize with the neck piece is just the perfect combo ,i would love to wear this outfit for sure.
  • IMG_0545


  • We all know the awesomeness of this duo but this time ,what i loved about this particular outfit is the simplicity and class of it,i loved the idea of simple carbon grey color combined with burnt sienna the perfect neutrals <3,i would love to wear this outfit just as it is .                
  • IMG_0534


  • I just love all of the outfit she showcased but my fav one is this monochromatic outfit (ivory color ),the sweater with metallic animal print  design around the neck area is the highlight of the outfit and my most fav part is the midi skirt and the ivory  metallic sneaker which adds a lil sporty chic vibe to it ,it is a simple yet classy design that i would wear any wear ,i can feel the comfortless of the outfit and cannot wait to try it out .
  • IMG_0535
  • well i will end this blogpost right here ,thank u all for reading it please stay tuned for my next post till than maw and stay fashionable ❤ (2 outfit mention at 1 )

Spring summer outfit

Heyy guys its my 2nd blog post !! It’s about these outfit that I am wearing and as u can see from the pics its a spring summer inspired outfit… As winter fades the most colorfull season approaches and I tried creating all the outfit colorfull ! Please watch my video on YouTube to know the details of the outfit n please like n subscribe my channel love you all 😘😘

Hey all!

Bath and body works review
Bath and body works SLEEP review 

I have always wanted to share my thoughts n views and thoughts on beauty products and other exciting things as i love love them and today i decide to kick off by reviewing this fab product from BATH AND BODY WORKS SLEEP AROMATHERAPY(lavender and vanilla) range !guys i got this set from FLIPKART it cost about Rs 4755 consisting 5 products in it which is kind of worth the money well it has  body wash,body lotion,body mist,massage oil and the sugar scrub,as the name suggest (relax before sleep) these product are best when you are stressed out or have a pamper night routine.To start with the body wash  this guy is so gentle and hydrate your skin while conditioning it ,also it is very foamy that u can do an awesome bubble bath with it! since these products are aromatherapy it has essential oils which works as a stress reliever and gives such a calming effect on the body ,it is best when followed with the body lotion which also consists the same ingredients,this guy is a creamy nourishing lotion which sinks in to your skin locking the moisture in.The mist has strong and clear fragrance to it n linger for a long time n calms your skin u get so  addicted to this smell as it makes u smell happy!!!! it also comes with the massage oil as well which u can put in when u take a running bath or just apply to your clean skin n yea this guy will make ur skin soo smooth and glow but remember lil goes a long way last but not the least the sugar scrub use while taking bath,it exfoliate your skin so well and removes all your dead skin and its best if u exfoliate your skin atleast 3 times a week ! all these products are best for those who are insomniac proper or border line,dealing with stress ,migraine,heavy workload or just to pamper your night ! use it before sleeping, your body perform so many activities throughout and it deserve to relax every once in a while and notice the wonder that it creates! and not to forget its a lil addictive as well!as it says aromatherapy it is just like a little home spa that u can do before sleeping and guys  u can buy all these products separately which will cost about Rs 1475 each. Ok guys i will end here ,i hope i am able to help ! enjoy the luxury pamper cause you live only once and every women is worth the lux!!there is hardly any negative view on this product atlas for me! cya goodnight :* and don’t miss the next blog post