Its smelling spring all ready !! and i am screaming for some color , and my heart sang for some blue with passion, Blue is the color of forget-me-nots ,speedwell and my birth sign , it calms my mood and nerves also soothes them at the same time .

Denim is blue and hence its a very conceivable shade ! YES denim are also my  go to wear esp those that are ripped or torn but we are not talking about denim today we are talking about some culottes and crops ,well culottes are my passion that just turned to an obsession ,Culotte also termed GAUCHO , its that trend that has hit back hard since 90s ,it hit back with vengeance  rather .

My solid blue culotte has to be  a chaotic one ,its well structured and gives that smart look ..its very easy going yet so luxurious .its best because its high waisted ,well defined ,and has side pockets and with tiny tops or fitted shirt it balance that perfect outfit ! and to make it even more perfect we go for the kill ”Color Co-ordination” well that’s something i do often but this one has a hint of white stripes on the crop top and that kills the monotony !





Heels always makes good pair with culotte and why not BLUE .This pair of blue wedge makes the outfit more appropriate and posh ,all ready to hit the weekend with some style.Its wearable for all occasion be it Lunch ,Brunch , Dinner ,Coffee or just anywhere


while the color co ordination is at full swing lets not get our eyes off that blue Swarovski Bracelet ,it for sure gives the outfit that required uplift …

Have a great weekend ..till next time more love ❤