All That Glitters is Her #SwarovskiStyleYourWayToParis

Finally the last leg of this journey , how i am ever thankful to this whole glitz eventful contest can never be explained ,rightly from the start when i got to know i was shortlisted to when i became the Bangalore winner ! it is just some dream ! Meeting all this talented people and my sweetest mentor Ruhi , i am sure going to cherish all my life .

Swarovski pieces explains all moods of women ,their range meets all demand of everyday life be it from the lightest charm chain to a bold neckpiece agree? if i have to choose few fav it would be THE STARDUST COLLECTION reason being the versatility ,Delta neckpiece and rings and lastly the indian collection for its delicate alluring design ,now  lets go through all the aura of women each day in a week from being resentment to being inclined  with the ever enticing and resplendent Swarovski delight !

Monday_FinalShe wakes up on Monday channelling a psycho bitch. The drive of Rocky at gym and grabbing work by the balls, she runs on nothing but fresh-pressed juices all day. Razor sharp stilettos and a moto-jacket speak her mood and she swears, she swears like a truck driver.Tuesday_Final

She wakes up on Tuesday feeling a bit insecure, a bit vulnerable, a bit raw around the edges. A break for pimple-popping, she tries to convince herself she’s not beautiful. A linen maxi swathes and soothes as she lets her skin and soul breathe out the toxins.


She wakes up on Wednesday in love with the world. Making friends at the morning coffee run, planning grand adventures with old ones. she dances to move as each moment flows effortlessly into the next. There is magic and mystery around every corner. She plays with a dreamcatcher around her neck.


She wakes up on Thursday as a quiet observer. Curious and bespectacled, hours are logged alone at cafes and gardens. This place, its people and its dresses, its the most beautiful live theatre production. She adores the world and the world adores her back.


She wakes up Friday feeling slow and sexy. At the break of dawn, she sits on the porch in nothing but a nude slip that is too big for her. Bedhead and goosebumps from the cool breeze, all her senses are perked and the sun feels so sexy against her skin. Jazz plays in a distance as if a soundtrack for life.


She wakes up on Saturday feeling no fear. Rules and limits do not exist. Necklines and hemlines do not matter. Conventions unravel around her as she slips into a sequinned mini dress and boots for a night on the town. She howls at the moon, there is nothing to prove, there is only her and the world.


She wakes up today feeling awash with gratitude. A bubble bath and banana pancakes later, her face seems lit from the compassion within. Everything seems a simple reminder to this beautiful existence. Joy is relentless and she smiles with her whole body and soul.

All jewellery is courtesy Swarovski.

-Photography by Faiza Sheikh

Swarovski Style Your Way to Paris

Hi lovely people !!

I am overly joyed to share this wonderful and eventful journey of mine with Swarovski Style Your Way To Paris in association with POPxo,Chambor Geneva and Grazia I couldn’t have asked for more to my start of expressing my thoughts ,views and knowledge through blogs and vlogs ,this opportunity have given me immense outbreak and exposure and I shall always be thank full to all the eventfull and creative people and the team and meeting my ‘ style twin’ my  mentor blogger Ruhi Seikh   from Republic Of Chic is another jovial point,she is so warming and helpful as me being the new bee she guided me in all that i needed and we all know how chic and AI La Mode she is,i am so excited for the forthcoming finale where in we are gonna have so much fun also i look forward to meet my fellow contestant





                                                   Make Up Chambor Geneva

Style and fashion to me is always being comfortable yet stylish and that comes when u are always in your comfort zone not that I don’t like to experiment and on the other hand we {Ruhi and I}were told to swap style but the challenging plus,exciting part was to keep it chic and comfortable,on top of all that we were given bunches of equisite blings and ever alluring Swarovski pieces to accecorise rightly to the theme ,offcourse with so many appealing pieces we were spoilt with choices but never the less we did it .


                                                 The Bold And Beautiful


                                            Stalking Delta Necklace,Bangle Mania

                                            Crystalline Oval Light Rose Watch ,

                                            Distinct Narrow Bangle


                            Rose Gold Click Ring , Crystalline Oval Black Watch

I choose Hot Date Look and Ruhi went for The Biker look and fun part , we styled each other ! Sounds fun and interseting ??11823851_10206594263947616_233167118_n

Don’t miss out this fun and get yourself all out and about to get some styling tip from us and too help us win our way to Paris by clicking the link and liking our video on both face book and YouTube page of Popxo and if u love us even more then keep sharing