In a mood to do a little different than usual ? Lets talk about some exquisite beauty AAKARSHAN BY AJ has to offer !

Well if you have read my previous blog on AAKARSHAN you must have for sure seen those beauties she showcased at the BANGALORE FASHION WEEK ,they are to die for .

Moving a little bit from there ,here we have this blog post on the crop top / blouse that are just on point and surely to drool over!!

The Gold embellished blue ANGRAKHA crop top /blouse  and the couture styled vibrant yellow blouse / crop top  from UNDER MY UMBRELLA are just to versatile and ravishing Like i always believe that fashion and style is always a person speaking its mood and these pieces are so versatile that it fits in all moods and styling .

You can go all ethnic and Indian or all western or just mixed it up to fuse and make it     Indo-western ,pair it up with a ripped jeans ,a skater skirt ,a pencil skirt ,midi skirt or a simple pair of pants  .

I personally enjoyed working the Ethnic way …

Added that element of sensuality and mystery with mixing some sheer fabrics such as nets ,mesh lehenga skirt ..teaming the crop tops with the skirts gives that contemporary and fresh look ,you can try wearing a knoted skirt for more kinky look to the elegant 6 yard wonder .

As i mentioned before every season brings various trend and innovation that we should embrace and bring our style to the fullest and don a comfortable style statement ..

Grab yourself AAKARSHAN BY AJ and bring out the fashionista in you ..

IMG_2037IMG_2038IMG_2687IMG_2686IMG_2036IMG_2133IMG_2688 (1)IMG_1833IMG_2134 (1)IMG_2692

https://www.facebook.com/aakarshanbyaj/?fref=ts link to her FB page




Love a good music to tune in while working out or running ? yea i know it can be a little difficult if not given the right ear gear ! While i don’t always run with music ! But working out  or running have never been so easy ever since Evidson earphone dropped in to my life, EVIDSON is our very own Indian brand that provides the best audio listening experience , here i am talking about the AUDIOSPORT W6 which i am totally crushing over it provides a level of comfort which makes it on point for sports activities with its perfect ear-fit shape it has this unique memory wire TM ear hook that takes the shape of your ear and makes it so light and tangle less and leaves you no worries during any outdoor or indoor activities .

Just a quick summary

  • This bud does stay put and they are super soft and cloud like.
  • Awesome sound  , Noise isolation with built-in mic making clear conversation as well even when windy or any traffic hustle .
  • Cushy buds ,stays put when in motion .
  • Comes in different vibrant colors BLACK , WHITE and PINK
  • Provides 5 different size ear caps for comfort and snug fit S , M , L and also Flange and Tri-Flange Eartips
  • The best part its sweat proof and compatible with as many as devices we can think about.

Hope this blogpost helps you guys find the best ear gear that is compatible to your work out also these product can be bought through http://www.evidson.com and http://www.amazon.in and they offer many other types of audio gear in awesome prices , i picked up pink and its super cute and versatile .Follow their instagram for more update with the same name .IMG_1781IMG_1778IMG_1780IMG_2316IMG_2317IMG_2318IMG_2314IMG_1932

Untill next time ❤


Love a bling or some serious matte finish dressed up phone ?? Here we have the right place to customise your very own phone in your very own way ! it sounds crazy right ? No kidding here i have found the best website that gives your phone the best makeover you have been drooling over when ever you see a celebrity flaunting it but never knew where to get it done ? or have always been hesitated over the costing or so !

LUXURY KINGS brings you the best in Phone customisation and let you all shine bright by making your every own phone your best accessories .

*Best of best option for customisation
With offering 4 different collections.
DIAMOND B. GOLD C. ROSE GOLD D. MATTE BLACK for various phone such as Iphone 6 ,6 plus ,6s ,6splus etc
All their products comes in an handcrafted cherry ork wooden box with an certificate of authenticity signed by the  Investor/Founder Priyank sapra.

*The service is versatile
They design every handset individually for every different individual.                                  They offer home pick and drop service for all customization and for even technical issues.
They work 365 days 24 hours 7 days a year. Even on national holidays for customization work and technical problems.                                                                                                               They offer lifetime warranty which makes all the doubt clear and gives that sign of relive

*The very best part that takes the baker and the cake

Luxury kings helps restore hearing to a person who is hearing impaired. Every time somebody is choosing to buy our product they are not just choosing great design and quality,they are giving a gift to a person in need which can change their life forever. You measure the impact by number of people helped not by percentage or an donation amount.

Did it just awww struck you ? yes as per me it did ! Helping a needy and getting your phone the best design in great quality does it all ,you will never have that heavy feeling of investing .

Do visit the website and get your phone dressed and all that make over it deserves and help a needy http://www.luxurykings.in/eedy .


Untill next blogpost ❤

Lux with Crisp Bangalore 

Shopping sometime can be a big deal when you don’t know where to shop and what you want especially when you are going for a luxury shopping also when you are limited to brands and shop but we have it all good in Bangalore ‘lucky us’ to have CRISP LUXURY right at the heart of the city at Lavelle road ,well shop or no shop at Crisp we can’t miss to treat our eyes with the alluring ambience and interior they have to offer the vibe is to die for .They offer the best brands namely






NINA RICCI and more

I got lucky to style myself from the best of CRISP LUXURY and pampered myself also felt extra luxurious ,enjoy the outfits crisp gave me in to style and lets treat our eyes with the lux till the next blog post ❤











Have to share this amazing time shopping with unlimited store where in I had created two looks under 3k ! It sounds fun right ?? Yes it was super fun ! Well I went on finding my self some ethnic wear for myself so that I rock the wedding session or for any occasion  also I can wear some fun Indian wear to work !! Let’s get started.

This first outfit is my absolute fav I would wear this for any occasion for example , it would fit best for sangeet , mehendi etc . If you know me well I am obsessed with white on white  and this one with a hint of gold made it look even more alive and more festive like ,( the palazzo pants with that gold border on bottom and that long Kurti with the beautifull golden shine )pairing up with some gold shade bengals with right amount of make up completes the look !!







And here I have this simple black Kurti with semi guru colar and the black and white striped palazzo with wide bold print border pairing with minimum accecorise just apt for work place !! I could wear this palazo plants with just a top as well its so vulnerable !! Teaming up with a black and white hand bag with a simple watch I am all ready to rock my work place or any where with tons of confidence with just under Rs  3000 thanks unlimited store for the best fashion experience!!


I haven’t been writing as frequent as i didn’t have that much time and now i have enough time to write i thought why not write 2 blogpost this Sunday 

And this one is on how much i lobe my rings ,be it anytime midi,chunky etc 

i love giving love to my hand fingers actually to be honest my hands are my fav part i think they are the prettiest 😉 and i am always pampering it all the time be with manicure,acrylic or whatsoever … but on top of it i love to wear a lot of rings with the classiest watch and with the trend around of wearing midi ring ..i am too loving it and love them and this is how i wear them sometime …at times i like to keep it minimal and sometime of totally cray and boho ends up wearing in most of my fingers ..n i m dead sure u all love it too 




IMG_6207hello ! Happy Sunday ..lately i am obsessed with matching separate ..this outfit was worn on a dinner date and i have to admit that i love it and yes i got this all separately i love wearing matching separates from different that are from different brands just because i love matching them ..and love to pair it up with some heavy statement neck piece also the cardigan and my heels matches and the handbag adds more to the monochrome look ..love the beige and blacks with a hint of silver ..Till my next post have an awesome Sunday ❤




Today i wanted to share something very inspiring and motivating to all the girls out there ,actually i have uploaded a video on my Youtube Channel view days a ago on the same topic and i just thought to jot a blogpost on it for those who loves to read ….and for those who wants to watch the video please visit my youtube channel  #thepowerofmakeup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NosLOXBQFeg 

Ok to start with i just want to mention that this particular topic has hit the time over the internet ever since NIKKIETUTORIAL on youtube created it and when i first saw it ,it hit it so hard and made me realise that why do we have to be ashamed of wearing makeup and always have to hear shit on how we are underneath it or without it on the contrary i also want to say that we don’t have to  be  confident only with makeup on but with or without it .Point is do what makes u happy and more on the go ,why do we have to listen to those who will always have to say something either ways …

i want every one who reads this to realise what is more important in n life not only about makeup but everything in life ..and i feel being happy is one of them  and to bring happiness we need to be least bothered on what ppl have to say or comment on what u do …keep doing what makes u happy but keep in mind that you don’t hurt any body’s feelings ..


as u can see in the pic i have done makeup only on one side of my face to see the difference done my applying makeup and i am not ashamed on how i look without makeup but proud on what difference i cam make and how  much more confident i feel just by giving more love to myself 

PLEASE watch the video if u want to see how i did  till my next blogpost ..<3

Kylie jenner inspired outfit and make up

hello every one …i created a Kylie Jenner inspired makeup and out fit

The denim dress which kind of is similar to what kylie is wearing is from Koovsfashion.com and the gladiator which are super hit this season are again fro Koovsfashion.com ,the bag is from accessorize london …to check out the make up please watch my video in my youtube channel http://youtube.com/watch?v=qMIcRKony6M … … … subscribe ,watch and share the vid and enter for the give away

Loreal star collection (pure reds)

can we take a moment for these reds ! Loreal paris have done a brilliant job on creating such beautiful collection this time around.. I grabbed myself 4 alluring shades as mention above Sonam’s Pure garnet Blake’s pure Scarleto,Aishwarya’s pure brick and Freida’s pure rouge all these reds has its know greatness all of them seem to be similar but its very different once its on your lip..each lipstick cost about Rs 995 INR ,i think with the quality of the product the price is fair nd good it is a matt finish lipstick which has super pigmentation ,easily glides ,super hydrating as some of the matt lipstick leaves your lips dry and flaky ..the shades are are intense and they do the right job when you want to don a bright lip either on a night out or a date night..personally i love wearing reds when i have minimal eye make up just to give me extra boost of confidence and boldness..also they provide perfect pout ,they surely make a statement ..as the name suggest star collection all these shades are costume made and the best part it goes with various skin tone ..my personal fav would be blake and sonar’s as blake’s one remind me of Mac lady danger and it fits my skin tone and sonam’s one cause of its bold plum shade ..i don’t know it just made me happy wearing it .. and also there are more shades on this star red collection but i needed up buying only these 4 as it got hold of my eyes …. girls if you love something bold and different go for these color and turn heads at the party or where ever you go..cause you worth it …love yourself and shine bright….

hello everyone!!
1.Sonam kapoor and Blake
2.Aishwarya and Freida