Hello, 2018! My first post of this year got to be a personal one and something I always wanted to express my heart out.

Well, most people know that I constantly work on #selflove and I try to embrace my best version, its a process of finding my true self every single day but most importantly sticking by my #trueself.

“Find Myself”  this particular phase apparently gets over 5 million searches month in google and this totally signifies how disconnected people are from true self but the good part of it that of people wanting to find their true self.

In my case every single day I am learning and finding myself and my goal is to just stick my true root self! Even if I feel somewhat in touch with my true nature, the barrage of truly crafted ads, paired with the pressure of external influence makes it difficult at times to have core connection.

Reminder to myself –

1. Self-honesty implies to internal harmony when I lay on my bed before sleeping I ask myself several questions and I get a good night sleep only on those days I am answerable to myself and the day I am not able to I might have done something that is definitely not me.

2.Personal value, identifying own value is very mandatory and once you win this you will stop compromising with your self-respect.

3. Balance and Embrace pain and pleasure, life ain’t so easy.

4. Choose your passion with love and care like your own child making sure it aligns with my true-self.

And when it comes to my blog and fashion the reminder is constant = stick to yourself and evolve within you and your style.

A lot of people like the way I perceive fashion and my style but there are also few majorities that dislike but they aren’t to blame it is again their selves and their tastes.

My Journey as a blogger and as a fashion curator tagged along with lots of ups and downs that being ME as the problem, you know why? Cause I refuse to be mainstream and I refuse to be among the sheep flocks, which led to gradual growth in my reach but I don’t at all complain, my art of work should be just loved by the ones that can actually relate to it.

I have worked with handful amount of brands in this 2 years of blogging journey and trust me not all had the best memories, there were times I wanted to break everything I could reach to and the reason was that of them asking me to change my aesthetic and my work and do how everyone else is doing but I am never ever settling into that.

A lot of my content would come disapproved reason being the lack of connection between me and my clients but I don’t give up I make sure the connection connects but if that fails, I assured that it wasn’t for me.

My motive never the less to write this post was to tell you my loves to never settle for less or never settle for things that make you unhappy and that does not relate to your true-self, I am still learning to live by it and stick to my core connection of being my #trueself.


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I am wearing an outfit that speaks me and that makes me happy, I believe me wearing me and you believe in wearing you #wearyou.

Adding a bit of hue subtly with the oversized sweater paired with Corduroy wide legs from my designer dear friend ZAMANI and a belt bag with pastel tone. I feel nothing but confident and just nice about this outfit and that’s why I say wearing yourself is key to a god #ootd.

Sweater- Zara

Wide Legs – Harsha Zambani

Block Heels – Koovs

Earings – ShamooSana

Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam



New Year but No New Me

With the title, I might have already disappointed many of you guys but honestly, as much as I love to celebrate New Year’s Eve and I love the idea of a fresh start of new seasons, I also hate the fact that the world turns its attention toward the idea of New Year’s resolution. I to have suckered on to this idea but I have set my self-free from all the boundaries, I finally have understood that “New Year New You” is nothing but a fancy way to remind people that they aren’t good enough.

I believe that it is just the calendar and the seasons that change and we shouldn’t let the folklore dictate that “I should change only this NEW YEAR” instead of it let us set goals every step in our life and let try to be that “better person” you decide to become from 1st of January every single day, why to confine to that particular date ?  The answer to this is “EXCUSES”.

Besides everything else, I have had an amazing 2017 starting from work opportunities,  meeting some amazing souls, playing around with my babies and endless amount of amazing moments with my loved ones and my  supporters but as they say, good things come along with bad things I also went through lows, encountered and entertained people that hardly cared about feelings, let alone mine but in human ground.

But again every single day in the life is a learning process and I have learned my lessons and I choose not to entertain anymore to these sort of scavengers that portrays a different personality superficially, provided I am still going to be nice and
I will be just replying with love and that is how I deal with things now. ( well definitely not pleasing them in any form )

My point on NEW YEAR BUT NO NEW ME is that of being Ok if you don’t want to change and you choose to be happy with who you are and how you are going  because it is slightly easy to fill things we should be better at and let your head spin on what you still haven’t achieved while on the thought of creating resolutions so why pile and exhaust yourself with a certain aspect of life.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals, to feel motivated but we can choose to have a fresh start any time we want without chiming and that is my whole point. Let’s leave room for more important things such as the days of just joy, the moments I am proud of myself, the people that bring a smile to my face and just think about my fur babies.

Well instead of ending 2017 with the thought of what I should change, I choose to embrace all the good things that occurred and also choose to embrace what is to come.

And this is how I choose to start 2018 as well.










Turtle Neck – Zara

Bell Bottoms – Koovs

Kitten Mule – Zara

Fanny –  Thrifted

Image – Lekha Rathnam

PS: All the images are unedited except the featured image.


Winter the 80s way


I am a person that is completely swayed by the 80s fashion and you can discern visually that on most of my outfit post.

As winter checks in, it becomes quite mandatory for me to do a post featuring my winter outfit ideas. I am a sincere lover of subdued, quite & basic, varying shades of brown tan or orange and this happens to be the SHADES of the 80s ( pretty sure about my last life now )

My first post on winter needed to be shot in a DONJON location, with super warm vibe, and without a doubt, it had to be Bangalore Palace but the funny part is that of me living in this city for 7 long years and not visiting the palace for even once ( blogging for sure takes you places ) I definitely do not complain.

Turtleneck, crew neck, blazer dress, trench, high waisted loose pants etc speaks so much about my style and these were the fashion during the 80s very much widely spread women’s fashion rather. Let’s not forget the co-incidence of my love kitten heels, mules, power suits, animal prints and my larger than life hoops and its existence during the 80s.

Today’s post we are talking about turtleneck and high wasted loose pants. I am digging my old sets of clothes these days and I am kind of discovering a lot of things which were ignored for the longest time.

Wearing a beige turtleneck ( when I bought it I do not remember?  ) with high waisted checked pants ( best buy of this month  A FLEA Market find ) paired with my obsession white MULES, adorning the outfit with my larger than life hoops in gold.

Bringing a bit of presence I carried my recent buy from ZARA ( dope bag ain’t it? ) Absolute love!

It won’t be fair if I don’t appreciate the beauty of this palace! I was lost most of the time while posing for this look as I was busy admiring the architecture and the vibe of the castle, it is a must visit when you are in Bangalore, India.



Pants – Flea Market

Turtleneck – F21

Mules – Koovs

Bag – ZARA

Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam

#TICKTALK Feat Titan Raga X Masaba Refined Timepiece



It’s a blessing to do what I am doing. Getting up every morning in my own space, working on my own’s dream instead of slogging on someone else’s. I get to create content that makes me constantly moving alongside trying to inspire as many people as I can without any compromise in terms of who I am as a person. This work is no 9 to 5 but a 24×7 but I don’t complain as it is not only my lifetime commitment but a long-term dream.


My work and career are as unique as Masaba’s Titan Raga collection as she says #befiercelyauthentic.

 I saw stories on Masaba’s Instagram while she was shooting for this watch and a few days later I get the news of The Raga Masaba Launching and I got super excited as I am a proud admirer of her since the very beginning. ( inspired me and still doing so )  And when I checked the collection I was dazzled by it!

The relationship women have with their watches is sacred and finding the right one to look like million could be a task cause I believe timepieces plays a very important in completing a look.

TRIBAL HUG – I change my watch depending on my look and a good thin coil watch in gold ( motif hugging ) adds a lot of feminine touch with a hint of chich and poise. The detail of this watch has inspiration from the ornate columns of ancient architecture. The Masaba logo in hot pink adds that pop of fun. I styled this timepiece very ME as working one’s quirk was the goal while putting the looks together.

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I styled my very straight pencil dress with fun block patch of color with 2 of my other favorite timepiece from the collection!

1.  SWAYING FISHES RoseGold Mesg strap with casted dangling fishes that clink against, it that hangs down beautifully on the skin – the dial is detailed with Masaba’s ‘shank’ motifs that bring an antique glory to the contemporary charm.

2. WANDERER ELEPHANT  concept timepiece is so classic yet traditional and it is inspired by arts and roots of Indian heritage.


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The aura of these beautiful pieces is just positive and beautiful vibes that give you nothing but energies of confidence and self-love!

Following are the links to these beautiful timepieces by Titan Raga Masaba : Tribal Hug Wanderer Elephant Swaying Elephant

I shared my favorite watches from Titan Raga x Masaba Gupta let me know whats yours?

Watches – Titan Raga x Masaba

Image courtesy – Lekha Rathnam





It can’t get easier than​ a Blazer

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As we walk towards winter everything big and warm in your closet that needed attention gets attention and for starters what better than a post featuring a Blazer styled as a dress.

When I bought the Caption web belt I kept on wondering how could I possibly style this piece and finally concluded on fastening it on an oversized blazer which mimics dress, well the struggle was not the styling part but not having an oversized blazer that would do the part, while I was looking around for one ( all the stores possible ) I too explained my photographer the mood board and told her – This is what and how I want to do but I don’t have an oversized blazer and I can’t seem to find the right one…  And here’s the enthralling part, she told – my dad seems to have one why don’t you style them? I think I was the happiest person on the planet that moment cause I really wanted to create this look! And to me, fashion is all about doing something atypical and singular with whatever you comprehend as beauty and artistry.

Pantsuits are so popular from the past to recent times and we as well witness a lot of fashionistas donning them in different ways, I totally love wearing things that are typically not ladylike and for some reason, it gives me extra power! But I decided to ditch the pants and just went for the suit jacket, who says Blazers are just for formals? We can wear anything in any way we want!

I can’t do without hoops, and this thick silver pair was just made for this look, with a grey and black checked handbag I must say the look was almost completed. It took me good 10 minutes contemplating on what shoe I shall pair this look with?  Grey, Black, silver so on… but I cast the die to break the monotony with a Red block heel! I had so much fun creating and styling this look, I hope you enjoy going through it too.

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Caption Web Belt – F21

Earings – F21

Heels – ZARA

Blazer – Vintage

Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam





Fall Fashion My Way


My babes know how much I love the fourth temperate season, something about fall excites me so much that I never have failed to do a post or make a post each year. From the changing of leaves color, pumpkins, pumpkin spice latte to its scented candles but what excites me the most is “THE FASHION”.

Inevitably, as it starts to cool our clothing also changes in terms of textures and hues. The transitions are always fun, it brings forth all your warm tone clothing and hence the abundance of warm palette explodes into an autumnal melody.

I have put together 2 looks for this very fall post, curating these outfits got me so joyous as I styled it in my very own way and my most happy moment is when I do things that is ME.

Look 1 – A Trench Coat in warm tone Gray Green paired with my black mules and a hooped handle clutch all 3 from ZARA. Adding a bit of punk with F21 over reacting cap.

This outfit takes its inspiration from the bygones times, not wearing as what it is but as a dress is what makes me call “FALL FASHION MY WAY”  I am pretty sure a lot of other fashionistas do it too and I love all of them for doing so. Instead of wearing a pair of boots I chose to wear mules, this way the entire looks remains subtle, classy yet a bit casual just how I like. 






IMG_9325Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Look 2 – A Shirt Dress with Ballon Sleeves from ZAPYLE again paired with Mules (checked) my current obsession and checked sling with a bow from ZARA.

IMG_9418 2C02F614A-8ED2-454A-8765-CA1A18D7B64D6EEF7C5A-4C4D-41C8-9F92-B9E29C3CFB2DFD558433-E05B-4CB8-872F-01EDD949ABDB66191888-A987-4DE5-B94D-300DB53FF93F9820F51F-32E1-4AEC-9636-57607C74B64CC0CB54A5-706E-4161-8513-C83FE94C5486

 I love the fact that both the outfit came along with waist belt because if you know me I love belts as it accentuates your waist and gives a different dimension. 

I also filmed a lookbook hope you guys enjoy this post.


Better Yourself


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“KEEPING UP WITH YOUR BETTER SELF IS NOT AN EASY TASK,”  said a wise man but a worthwhile task.

One often Question asked to me is “How I keep my sanity intact”? As this field offers a lot of competition and there are times you just feel like you are lacking and loosing!

But here’s what I truly and deeply believe in

– Don’t let insecurity consume your best self and be ready for the best and worst at all times.

– Work on yourself, try improving your content each time you put up something, don’t cry about who is doing what campaign because you know what? If you put up good work no one can stop you.

– Please remember Blogging, Instagram anything to do with content creation is a form of art and not merely to become a famous and popular personality because that comes along eventually.

– I believe in the field of art, talent will erupt from each corner and instead of putting down the new talents lets all lift each other up, I am so ready for a new girl on the blog and instead of hating her on her growth I did love to know her learn so much from her instead. ( No room for negative energy ) period! I personally had to face so much negative energy but I let them fly!

– Don’t change yourself but improve yourself, when I practice this I learned it presents new opportunities, uplifts my self-esteem to high levels and helps me become a better version of myself.

– Be a good listener and a lifelong learner, say stop to your inner critic.

– Stop falling into comparison trap, comparing yourself to others life and doing is a very destructive habit because you can never win. There is someone who has more and has something better. Instead look at the positive side and see how far you have come. (Spend more time with supportive people rather with destructive people)

– Last, remember why you are doing it? Be your own best friend and be kind towards people.

I write mostly on fashion but so many queries made me want to scribble down all my thoughts and practice hope it helps.




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My favorite outfits from

Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam