A series that I have been hankering to set forth and transcribe with all of you , to highlight and address my affordable finds .

As much as I love and fancy all things luxury I equally love to find different approach to fashion each time and that ” includes thrifting and buying during sale ” I HAVE NO SHAME ON THIS ADMISSION ! There is no harm in thinking a bit outside way and in working with what we’ve got .  I feel extremely blessed to have so many people find inspiration from what I wear and how I express !


Don’t do it for the sake of trend rather find pleasure in discovering some thing different and  to create something disparate 

Have to ability to create your own style , play around and create 

Love the idea of spending less money and still looking on point 

I am no believer of trend or whatsoever but I believe that each trend has to do from the past and there are many instances to that  and he fun part while thrifting is to the treasures from the past long gone while they wait for a fresh eye and creativity .


Lot of patient ! Dig till you Dip 

( WONT come easy )

Be committed to find the treasure and keep your eyes open 

Bit of luck and lots of hard work !

Takes years to find perfection (Not there yet) 

I love thrifting because it gives me immense pleasure to do or to create something from scratch by my self with a bit of inspiration from here and there and when I style and wear them it becomes my shield that I am so proud off and gives me more confidence !

 Blue Shirt : Thrifted From Koramangala Rs 80 INR

White and yellow shirt same place Rs 150 INR

Striped Pants Old one from Boyfriend’s wardrobe

Black flared pants KOOVS

You can always pair expensive and inexpensive together , blended well creates an amazing LOOK !

Bag : Louis Vuitton



IMG_6383IMG_6216 3









To be continued….

Image courtesy : Lekha Rathnam

Author: sheervanitysonia

Lets share thoughts n reviews on fashion lifestyle beauty n other dope stuff !! 💚💚💚💚💗💗💗💗

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