Trends do come and go ,but are always reincarnated in slight various ways in more refined form !Ativo brings you the very comfortable line of joggers ,sweaters and cool shirt to kill the hustle of dressing all day up to look perfect and to embrace the cool in you and rock the trend !

How do you wear ease and yet be all dapper and mode ? Well the Answer lies on how you style ! I have been plunging on these joggers from ATIVO and I m every where in it ! Ever dreamed of leaving the house wearing your lounge worthy jogging pants without any fear ! Here’s your chance ! These updated joggers are well designed and are not sloppy and are not your shabby Saturday sweats but at the same time very comfortable!

It is the right pair to wear not too tight not too loose , wear it as a savvy weekend warrior style or as a fashion forward look ! Just about how you wear your every day jeans.

Dress them up or down !!!they look awesome paired with high heels and a blazer , or with a slip on or a sneakers with a sweater or tee , take it from a day to night wear with ease ….





 These sweaters have the right fit and cut , it’s suitable for not to hot or cold situation ! Pair them up with the jogger itself or some cool ripped pair of jeans or a cool skirt or shorts , the quality and the texture is just right and gives you feeling of not wanting to get rid off !

Uh ! The shirt ! This one takes the cake and the baker for me ! The words on it gives you a lift to start of the day ! Besides the comfort in it just holds you Back to wear them every now and then ! Paired it with a shorts of the same colour palette but you can do it all ways with a jeans , skirt or short !! VERSATILE it is !! Just on how you style them !!

  Like I always believe fashion and style are always on how you feel and assemble the clothes ! Ther are no rules in fashion just follow the instinct be confident and comfortable!

Get yourself the ease style wear from ATIVO at http://www.slumberjll.in http://www.flipkart.com http://www.jabong.com http://www.amazon.com http://www.myntra.com and explore the ranges they offer with some brilliant pricing and not to forget the quality and the versatility .

Enjoy the ease dapper fashion till than love 💕💕


There is nothing like some flattering work out wear especially this time of the year when you have over devoured so many utterly delicious food of the holiday season ! Let’s just say I have been consuming more food than anything else and am felling a little flutter !

Needless to say now it’s time to get back to shape and tighten it all up !!

What I mean ?? The more flattering work out wear more motivation and more better !!

I have been living in these get up from ATIVO and I am absolutely obsessed with them , it is this awesome brand that has some cool workout outfit with excellent fabrics and pricing ! You don’t need to go all out buy the most expensive outfit to look cool and work out !!

This  work out shorts are dope !! It has a fluo rolled down waist band which makes it super comfortable it also fits in perfectly and makes you super chic and confident! Pairing up with this T shirt completes it ! The t shirt itself is a statement it has a mesh look with two Color pattern making it look stylish and best part it is a quick drying fabric !


imageThe black cotton tee is to die for !! It’s too comfy and  complements every outfit ! I can wear the entire outfit for even going out with friends ! It just keeps you going !


Greys are my absolute fav ! And this ATIVO Ganjis brings out the best in you ! The fitting is right on top and boost you all up for some intense work out !

Let’s not forget the hoodies in my fav Color ! I can run jog in these ! Wearing it on waist line for a hint of style statement will add omph to the attire !!




Ativo brings out the best work out mode in you ! If you are looking for some good alluring work out attire with excellent fabrics adding on with some good pricing grab few of ATIVO work out fashion ! It is sure a thumbs up and will not fail you !

Its available  on Myntra , Amazon , Jabong and Flipkart , Check out http://www.slumberjill.in

Love your self and inure your beast mode ! 💪