4 Outfits Staple (That Can Never Go Wrong)

Well to start with ,i have been so not active off late reason being what i study and now that i am free i promise i will be writing as frequent as possible ..

This column is about few of my go to outfits that i consider every one should have each and the images that i am using are the ones when i wore them and i consider them as my staple outfits not particularly the exact outfit but the type it is,the images are just to give an idea …


I personally feel that even if u don’t stay in a warmer place u can always rock a playsuit ,there are multiple variation and types ,u need not look for the place or the climate all u gotta figure out is how the style is making sure u don’t end up wearing something that has a bad print or an ugly cut …I love to play with my style and love to wear edgy palest and sometime sexy ones like the one in the pic ..(Short one )its from a local boutique and its an off shoulder and lil dots of diamond here and there and i wore this in one of my vacation dinner date in Goa giving a lil cute and sexy outlook so make sure u choose the right cute and print .

FullSizeRender-5The second one is a longer one u call it jumpsuit as well and hell yes i am addicted to them ,if u are short or tall if u wear the right length of jumpsuit u are gonna look tall and classy and i feel a jumpsuit is my saviour ,in some event of time i find myself bloated and heavy and that time this guys come to my rescue ,the one that i have put on is from Koovs.com and wore it on an event fest FullSizeRender-4
2.Boyfriend Jeans 

This has to be one of my fav as u can dress it down or dress it up ,u can play with it .. i love to wear a nice ripped boyfriend jeans when i like to be super causal and comfy as well as super classy and sultry .in this pic i paired by F21 with a ZARA basic top with a long Accecorize Chain just to give a lil hint of bling and carried my Channel purse to bring more definition and wore my double strap heels from ZARA i paired all these up so as to look classy and effortless ,u can always wear a nice pair of flats,sandals or a classy jerkin instead of heels and drop off all the accessories and carry a nice back pack to give a sporty chic vibe or too look girly u can add on a nice blazer with a beautiful statement neck piece ..it all depends on u how u play with it but safely ..FullSizeRender-63.Co-Ordinates &Co-Ord Sets 

We all know the famous Kardashian and the Jenners are always seen donning the co-ord sets and also the trend that it has set off late and the best part about it is that u can not only wear the same print but also can play with the color of the sets and here too u can dress is up or down .. and u don’t need a lot of effort in it as in too accessories and stuff its an effortless classy thing and as of me being a lover of subtle color i wore this beige set with a hit of cranberry color on my Friends wedding but again u can mixed and match or pair a subtle color with a hot pink or lemon green just to give a life to the outfit FullSizeRender-3

4.Skater skirt 

  1. And to finish it off all i don’t wanna miss to mention the infamous Skater skirt ..i find myself picking this particular type when i am in run a go situation where in i am super confuse but have to hurry and here too i wore my leather ZARA skater skirt on one my vacation dinner date with a crop top when i didn’t want to look super casual and super dressed up but somewhere in between so i went for this ,FullSizeRenderand in the other pic i wore my floral Skater skirt with a basic Tunic Top from ZARA with a flats to keep it really cool and casual …FullSizeRender-7

I want to mention that u can play with all your outfits in your wardrobe all that matters is how u play and what u choose so be fearless and enjoy dressing up and i will come back with another blogpost ❤


Hello every one !!! i know i have been lacking on my blog and vlog am really sorry about it,its the health issue 😦 i shall now be regular ,any ways without any further a do lets get into the subject 🙂 Guys i went to pick up my old primer that got over and i found a new one n its even bigger and better ,well if u are a primer lover like i am or if u are looking for one than we are right here ,this is one product that is multipurpose n some time certain product fail to do what it claims but his one hits the mother load .. The price is quite a lil expensive but it is worth expending a lil more for your skin ,its about Rs1200 /-  n its available at all the L’oreal outlet in India .It claims that it is a smoother,and anti-aging moisturiser that has opti blur technology and Pro-Retinol A, u must be wondering Why???? anti ageing,the answer is if u are at your 20s you should know that your skin starts to settle down after the hormonal uplift during your teenage although sebum (oil) production may still be high hence more prone to acne but once u are at your mid 20s you will spot your first sign of dryness which means u will start having first fine lines around your eyes and mouth and hence this is the time u can protect your self from early raging and keep your skin firm and this product can help do so …

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2.Anti-Aging Moisturiser – well u can apply this itself as a moisturiser ,it keeps the skin super matt n those having oily to combination skin can go for this product ,PRO-RETINOL A helps fights signs of waging over time ,do not expect it to immediately work wonders.

 For those make up lovers should really try this thing out cause it makes your make up last longer too…

I really don’t have much negative things to say about this product cause it has become my go to product now but one thing that has kept me a lil turn off is the fragrance cause i prefer products without fragrance .

So guys let me know if u try this product out and if u love it or hate it ❤ and i will see u in my new blog till than ❤