Every one wish to to look fly on a dime ! I atleast covet to look top notch each time I buy some thing for a song , every one will relate once with this post I vouch for this because all of us atleast for one time goes through stumping economy and significantly our fashion budget goes for an apparent trimming right ?? 

So what most of us do ? Rather what I do when I crave for some shopping but as well have to be easy on the pocket book ? 

No no not window shopping for sure ! Well most of us either do the above or stroll the fashion streets wait I will tell you what I do , nothing too different but I love to drop around the fashion streets and thrift stores and select things that are rare and that matches my quotient and taste . 

Here is the trick , buy things that you feel are exquisite but as well that cost next to nothing ( did I ask for too much ) may be a little , but that’s ok because remember we are looking “for the song  buy ” and secondly style it accurate and absolute. 

The dress I am wearing was bought from Commercial Street in Bangalore India just for Rs 100 -/ INR didn’t I say “I bought for a song”

I styled it according to how I like it , just a black high neck underneath and a pair of boots with some silver stud just to co-ord the silver on the dress and boom 💥  I look fly  in a dime well atleast I feel that way 💯😊

Image courtesy- Lekha Rathnam 

And that baby made my pose better and day excellent 🐩🐶