Love a bling or some serious matte finish dressed up phone ?? Here we have the right place to customise your very own phone in your very own way ! it sounds crazy right ? No kidding here i have found the best website that gives your phone the best makeover you have been drooling over when ever you see a celebrity flaunting it but never knew where to get it done ? or have always been hesitated over the costing or so !

LUXURY KINGS brings you the best in Phone customisation and let you all shine bright by making your every own phone your best accessories .

*Best of best option for customisation
With offering 4 different collections.
DIAMOND B. GOLD C. ROSE GOLD D. MATTE BLACK for various phone such as Iphone 6 ,6 plus ,6s ,6splus etc
All their products comes in an handcrafted cherry ork wooden box with an certificate of authenticity signed by the  Investor/Founder Priyank sapra.

*The service is versatile
They design every handset individually for every different individual.                                  They offer home pick and drop service for all customization and for even technical issues.
They work 365 days 24 hours 7 days a year. Even on national holidays for customization work and technical problems.                                                                                                               They offer lifetime warranty which makes all the doubt clear and gives that sign of relive

*The very best part that takes the baker and the cake

Luxury kings helps restore hearing to a person who is hearing impaired. Every time somebody is choosing to buy our product they are not just choosing great design and quality,they are giving a gift to a person in need which can change their life forever. You measure the impact by number of people helped not by percentage or an donation amount.

Did it just awww struck you ? yes as per me it did ! Helping a needy and getting your phone the best design in great quality does it all ,you will never have that heavy feeling of investing .

Do visit the website and get your phone dressed and all that make over it deserves and help a needy http://www.luxurykings.in/eedy .


Untill next blogpost ❤

Lux with Crisp Bangalore 

Shopping sometime can be a big deal when you don’t know where to shop and what you want especially when you are going for a luxury shopping also when you are limited to brands and shop but we have it all good in Bangalore ‘lucky us’ to have CRISP LUXURY right at the heart of the city at Lavelle road ,well shop or no shop at Crisp we can’t miss to treat our eyes with the alluring ambience and interior they have to offer the vibe is to die for .They offer the best brands namely






NINA RICCI and more

I got lucky to style myself from the best of CRISP LUXURY and pampered myself also felt extra luxurious ,enjoy the outfits crisp gave me in to style and lets treat our eyes with the lux till the next blog post ❤