Looking for a tight snuggling bear hug that gives tons of warmth , makes you look hot and pretty , knows your body and covers you beautifully and entirely ! 

Well yes ! I am talking about the ‘TURTLE NECK ‘ Every one on the face of this earth once have owned them or once have worned them and for sure most still have one and still wear them , regardless of any season , era or style ! 

It was a huge hit back in the day and I wonder how it took so long to come back but as per me its been always there with me . 

Let’s not forget the famous CINDY CRAWFOLD’s Mom’s jeans and her black tight turtle neck and MARILYN MONROE’s high waisted jeans and her basic black turtle neck sweater. 

Also I am not forgetting my mom’s own knitted types of turtle neck sweaters and dresses in all sorta colours , she left no stone unturned making sure she had it all well , she was and is always the fashionista I always look up to and keeping up with her is one hell of a job ! 

Like we know Turtle Necks are super comfortable, it moves with your body and as well look darn fashionable when styled rightly , it does accentuate your face and elongates your body .If you know how to style them it will for sure become your staple outfit like it has become for me , well I love styling them in different manners you can style them in many ways to:

  • As a dress , loose or fitted depending on your taste I like it loose like a Tshirt dress and you know snuggle and bear hug thing wink wink ! Pair it with a thigh high boots or a nice pair of sneakers or a nice pair of ballerinas . 
  • Wide legged pants oh ! I love that 
  • High waisted pants 
  • Mommy , boyfriend , baggy jeans 
  • Over alls 
  • MIDI , mini , pencil , A Line skirts and the list goes on…..

You can wear them in all occasions be it work wear , a party depending on how you style them that is the versatility of it and why I love them .

The various types of turtle neck could be one that is of close fitting and others that is of soft neck , cowl neck also known as MOCK POLO and on all these I love em all not surprised at all , besides I love all the colours from the nudes to the neons , love all  types of  fabrics and textures and they could be different, there are those knitted ones for sweaters , jumpers and one of basic nylon ones and so on.. to admit I love all of the types .

The two outfit that I styled consist of a knitted sweater that I bought in XXL and wore  it as a dress and one that is of a lil low high neck paired up with a nice high waisted pants .

Hope you enjoy the post ❤️