Coming from the north – eastern side of the country and giving my best to stay fit and belonged among the mainstream wasn’t the only stumbling block that I had to face , but also the orthodox society where in only certain careers and live choice are acceptable .

My parents wanting me to be one among the rat race left no stone unturned and here I am with a “Dr” tittle but was that all for me ? 

A big NO ! Because I still have to  prove that you can strike beautiful balance between doing the things you love and being responsible for your future and life, however it doesn’t come so easy explaining , but the point of never giving up will keep you going ! 

My love for dressing up and make up is long old story and it never ends or it will never and I don’t complain .

The most popped question that I come across “WHAT IS YOUR STYLE” ? 

I say I don’t have one reason – I dress me as I mentioned on my previous blog and hues of greys speaks me and it’s an ordinary and obvious color with strong fondness that I have had over a long period of  time . 

This particular outfit gave me emense amount of confindence that my photographer who is also my soul sister took no time to take the best shot ! 

The grey on grey and the clear Perspex boots gave me high and mettle ! And gave me more reasons to love what I do ❤️