Winter the 80s way


I am a person that is completely swayed by the 80s fashion and you can discern visually that on most of my outfit post.

As winter checks in, it becomes quite mandatory for me to do a post featuring my winter outfit ideas. I am a sincere lover of subdued, quite & basic, varying shades of brown tan or orange and this happens to be the SHADES of the 80s ( pretty sure about my last life now )

My first post on winter needed to be shot in a DONJON location, with super warm vibe, and without a doubt, it had to be Bangalore Palace but the funny part is that of me living in this city for 7 long years and not visiting the palace for even once ( blogging for sure takes you places ) I definitely do not complain.

Turtleneck, crew neck, blazer dress, trench, high waisted loose pants etc speaks so much about my style and these were the fashion during the 80s very much widely spread women’s fashion rather. Let’s not forget the co-incidence of my love kitten heels, mules, power suits, animal prints and my larger than life hoops and its existence during the 80s.

Today’s post we are talking about turtleneck and high wasted loose pants. I am digging my old sets of clothes these days and I am kind of discovering a lot of things which were ignored for the longest time.

Wearing a beige turtleneck ( when I bought it I do not remember?  ) with high waisted checked pants ( best buy of this month  A FLEA Market find ) paired with my obsession white MULES, adorning the outfit with my larger than life hoops in gold.

Bringing a bit of presence I carried my recent buy from ZARA ( dope bag ain’t it? ) Absolute love!

It won’t be fair if I don’t appreciate the beauty of this palace! I was lost most of the time while posing for this look as I was busy admiring the architecture and the vibe of the castle, it is a must visit when you are in Bangalore, India.



Pants – Flea Market

Turtleneck – F21

Mules – Koovs

Bag – ZARA

Image Courtesy – Lekha Rathnam